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10 interior interior trends for autumn

by ladynews

10 interior trends of interior design at autumn 2013

Let’s look at the popular interior details that are in the trend at the end of the year. In this article we will talk about ten decor options that should be added to your interior this fall and winter.

1. Ortical elements in the style of country

Country Style, which breathes unity with nature, broke into our hearts and houses this fall in order to remind us with this cold season about natural warmth and comfort. Buy a decor or decoration of natural colors, focusing on warm colors with autumn notes and gold colors. See blankets, tweads, pillows, artificial fur, animal skins. Change the cloaks on your upholstered furniture and a bedspread on the bed and you will see how your interior is transformed. The soul will immediately become warmer, and the house will seem more comfortable.

2.  Decor with animals and forest creatures

Do not overdo it with the decor where the animals are present, but at least several elements of your house should portray animals. Choose something to your liking: a pillow with a hedgehog, a picture with a fox, stucco molding with an image of a dog, handles in the form of a lion, even a forest gnome as a figurine will do. Especially useful is the design with animals in the children’s room.

3. Decor in the form of butterflies and birds

Not wanting to lag behind the forest inhabitants, butterflies and birds also came into fashion. They symbolize something summer and kind. Products with this symbol can be found in any stores. Patches, napkins, bathroom accessories, bedding and pillows are especially popular.

4. Black and white decor

Speaking of black and white colors, it is worth noting that they constantly affect the world of fashion. This classic combination of interior design is very popular and never gives up its positions. The combination of these colors is so universal that it can be mixed with any other interior trends and styles. The choice of interior decor in this format depends on your preferences and the functions of the room where you choose it.

5. Bright elements

The acquisition of bright details for accentuating rooms in the house is rather a desire to bring a little sun and summer in the beginning of winter.  A special trend was bright chairs in the kitchen with a pale finish and a light set.

6. Decor with text

Signs with motivations, quotes on planks, chalk boards and so on – all this is popular and fashionable, but it is selected depending on the type of interior. In modest apartments, it is better to use small signs and small paintings with texts. In luxurious houses, designers install large handmade paintings with typographic paintings in the style of pop art. Families boast of original chalk or magnetic boards. In addition, sofas with upholstery with a pattern of letters or symbols of the alphabet, as well as other furniture items, are popular.

7. Gray walls

Gray today is the main color as a background and it is diluted, as a rule, with amazing elements of bright furniture or the maximum visual effects of white furniture and accessories. In a combination with luxurious materials, such as velvet or elements of metallic color, as well as with artificial fur, the gray walls make the room glamorous and luxurious.

8. Accessories with geometry

Whether it is a picture or an intricate decor element, geometric lines become more and more popular. You can buy a large wall clock -up with an intricate geometric shape, draw a hexagon on the wall or limit yourself to the purchase of bedding with a beautiful ornament.

9. Original handmade decor

Now a large number of talented people have launched their groups in contact and promote their skills. They perform different decor elements with their own hands and offer people to buy them. This is not mass production – all these things are very original and, as a rule, well done. Here you can buy anything from the box to the furniture set. The main thing is that the subject demonstrates its uniqueness and show in other people the desire to buy exactly the same.

10. Something purple

Violet and lilac colors symbolize the mind and royal luxury. Add this palette to your interior using accessories or make repairs in the bedroom and add shades of this amazing color to the updated interior.

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