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Base for the retaining wall

by ladynews

The foundation of the base should be approached especially carefully. The strength and the long service life of the entire structure largely depends on this. The wall without a base begins to collapse very quickly: cracks appear in it, it is deformed or stiffens.

For all walls without exception, it is necessary to create a pillow of crushed stone and sand, which ensures uniform transfer of the load on the soil and performs the drainage function. The width of the trench dug under the pillow should be slightly larger than the width of the lower part of the wall, the depth is about 30 cm. The side walls and the bottom need to be laid out geotextiles.

Then pour a layer of crushed stone (20 cm) with a fraction of 20-40 cm and a layer (10 cm) of sand. For the low walls of these measures it will be quite enough.

However, in the case of high (from 6 m) and heavy walls, the foundation will be required: pile – for sandy soils (especially the pools -signs), strip or continuous plate – for clay soils (primarily heavy clays).



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