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Bitumen varnishes

by ladynews

Today in construction to protect any surface there are many different coatings. They are produced from natural components, and based on synthetic substances. One of the widely used coatings on a synthetic basis is bitumen varnish. The main substance that is part of the bitumen varnishes is bitumen – solid soluble organic solvents, as well as capable of melting and softening when heated. For the production of varnishes, there are several bitumen for this purpose: natural, oil artificial bitumen and bee. Bitumen varnishes are used more often for processing concrete, wooden, brick structures, and in other cases. Depending on which solvents are part of bituminous varnishes, the variety of its marking, target direction and functionality are determined. Most often, the construction of the following brands are used today: BT-99, BT-577, BT-987, BT-988, BT-5100. Used in engineering and in the construction of the BT-577 brand varnish is used as a protective coating for metal structures, giving it a black glossy color. It contains modifying additives and sequaticators. Also, in the production of aluminum colors, varnish is an integral component in their composition. Having in its composition solutions of vegetable fats, BT-988 bituminous varnish is used to impregnate an electric winding in the engines. A solution of bitumen and organic solvents is a coating of the brand BT-5100. The varnish has good insulating properties from the effects of aggressive substances of the external environment with metal or concrete structures. It is applied both inside and outside the structure. BT-99 and BT-987 bituminous varnishes have vegetable oils with the addition of a sequcasa or alkyd varnish. They differ only in the degree of fat content of the lacquer base, where the BT-987 belongs to the varnishes of medium stiffness. They are used as processing tools for impregnating electrical winding and coating of equipment located and working indoors. Bitumen varnishes have good resistance to moisture, acids and atmospheric effects. Good electrical insulation properties allow the use of such varnishes in the production of electrical equipment. There are a significant drawback in bituminous varnishes – with prolonged storage it thickens.

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