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Budget decor ideas: ways to bring summer to your kitchen.

by ladynews

Outside the window is sunny. Returning home after a summer walk, you still feel the warmth of the sun on your skin for some time… But visually your apartment is all the same. It does not change all year round, and even these small windows that are so familiar in Russian houses … You must certainly do something to add summer to your home. In this article, I will share some ideas about how to bring summer through the decor in the kitchen to the apartment.

1. Use colorful gifts of summer.

Place beautiful juicy fruits and vegetables in sight.  At hand you will have not only healthy food, but also colorful design. Lay out fruits in a large bowl: ripe peaches, apples, tangerines and so on.  Place berries in a small plate. Buy containers for storing greens and put them like a decor at a kitchen apron. Fold the tomatoes nearby. In general, use all kinds of colorful gifts of nature. In addition to the fact that they will become the design of your kitchen, you and your family will eat healthy snacks, instead of harmful chips.

2.  Wildflowers.

Summer is just the time when any woman can decorate her house with flowers for free. If you have a garden where you grow plants, then type bouquets there.  And in the event that you are not endowed with your beds, nurse the daisies in the yard.

3. Bring the scenery from the beach.

Another great place where you can dial decorative elements for the house for free is the beach. You can dress up your shelves with shells or put pebbles on bottles, and then use these same bottles as a functional decor or vase.

4.  Drawing board.

Summer is such a period when life invigorates and wants to do something, express, draw… A great way to share joy is a chalk board. However, now – this idea is not embodied as a board, but rather as a chalk wall. You can purchase a special paint that turns surfaces into the same as that of a chalkboard. Thus, you can prepare a certain surface, and then apply this paint to it. And, Voila – your whole family can write optimistic motivations to each other and draw the sun every day.

5. Add music

Make cooking more positive, and simple music will help you with this. Place the player in the kitchen and listen to your favorite compositions, dancing and smiling.

7. Grow greens

Not many people know that they can grow the main greens for cooking right in their kitchen. At the same time, this very greens can become the most original decor of the kitchen, which can only be invented. There are hundreds of ways to organize a kitchen bed. You can, of course, just instruct seedlings in pots, but it is better to do something special. For example, place jars on a vertical board, and plant greenery in banks. Stunning vertical greening with useful herbs!

8. Pack half of the plates.

You never thought that there are too many dishes in your kitchen. There are actually so many of it that your family members do not wash plates, spoons, forks, but simply take new. This is bad. Leave the necessary supply of dishes, remove everything else into the boxes or throw it out. This will help to make out a place in the cabinets and at the same time teach your family to wash the dishes behind you

9. Update the place of breakfast.

So that the morning begins with the thought that the window is summer, you need to start breakfast with this thought. You will be pleased with beautiful bright shades. If your sofa is faded, throw a bright bedspread on it or put multi -colored pads. Leave a bowl of green apples on the table.

10. Save natural appearance and cleanliness.

In the summer, the kitchen should be especially clean, because dust and dirt fly from windows. Disassemble everything that is laid out on your kitchen tables. If there is little -advisable household appliances, take it into the boxes. Do not leave everything in a row on the countertop. Do not store objects in the kitchen that do not belong to this room (sunglasses, charging for phones, books, and so on).

Portal Project Rodisty wishes you a charming summer and beautiful sunny cuisine.

In the photographs in this article, the designs of the Kuhoni California company Daleet Spector Design, as well as Tendances Concept (Tendances-Concept)

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