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Build the basement in the house

by ladynews

A private house is a rather complex structure and requires special attention from its owner. That is why it is worth serious about the layout of each square meter.

A few wisdom how to make a convenient and multifunctional basement. First you should really evaluate your capabilities and capabilities of your home.   You need to think through every step. Decide for yourself how you will make a basement, with your own hands or with the help of hired workers who will help you in this difficult matter. Consider the option with hired force. It will be best to turn to specialists who have already proven themselves and make you a basement, such as you need. And do not save, it is better to invest once than then regularly invest in the basement. The work is quite laborious. The specialist will recommend where it is more convenient to make a basement under the kitchen or hallway. As soon as you have decided on the place, the workers can start the case. How does the basement begin? Any self -respecting specialist will check the level of groundwater, if it exceeds the norm, then it is worth abandoning the basement. Constant dampness and moisture will not bring anything good. The most important thing is to dig a pit. If everything is fine, then you can lay the walls, their height reaches 1, 9 – 2, 5 meters. It is necessary to provide for the seal of the walls, for this, clay is used, which will be laid between the walls and the ground. This procedure is necessary for the safety and reliability of your basement. Clay concrete is used to lay the floor. Cover with cement. It is also necessary specifically overlapping. It serves as protection against products. Since the basement is a room that implies dampness and moisture, it is necessary to install ventilation, which easily cope with any evaporation. Depending on the layout of the basement, it is worth considering a convenient staircase along which children and faces of the elderly can go down and rise. Usually the stairs do not pay such attention. And in vain. The ideal option is a metallic reliable support. It is a little inconvenient to make a basement in a finished building, it is best to think over the basement during the building of the house or cottage. Before laying out the foundation. But unfortunately, sometimes you do not have to choose. Therefore, if you love your house and your loved ones, do not save on small things. And make a solid and high -quality basement where you can store blanks of berries and vegetables. And you will enjoy your native pleasant winter evenings at a large table with such delicious dishes

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