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Choose the door to the bathroom

by ladynews

Bathroom repair involves significant costs for the replacement of plumbing, tiles, pipes and doors. And the choice of the door may not be simple at all. After all, it is for this room that the door should have a special resistance to external factors.

Wide use have wooden classic doors from an array, they are durable, and are processed with special tools that protect against mold. But the tree is afraid of moisture, and you need to install such a door with the calculation that the door will swell.

The matte glass door looks organic in the bathroom, nothing is scary for such a door, it is made of shockproof material in a metal or plastic frame.

The laminated door is a classic option, it is calm about moisture and fungus.

A perfect and relatively cheap option will be a plastic door, it looks decent and will last a long time.

Usually we are used to seeing the swing doors in our dwellings, but to save and rational use of space, you should think about a sliding mechanism. It is very convenient to use. The sliding type door can be made of any material, and the opening can be decorated on the wall or in the niche.

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