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Choosing paint for heating systems

by ladynews

Choosing paint for heating batteries, it is natural to remember that it should have anti -corrosion properties and resistance to high temperature. Of course, if the central heating is used at home, and the batteries are unlikely to heat up more than 80 degrees, you can use the usual enamel. She usually withstands a temperature of up to 90 degrees, but you need to paint them twice a year. Ordinary paint when heated quickly turns yellow. The paint with heat -resistant characteristics does not affect thermal conductivity, does not crack when heated and does not change color. Dries quickly and does not require frequent updating. By the way, when repairing the balconies, the batteries should also be painted after insulation.

When choosing a coating for a heating system, carefully study the composition. Strong and pungent smell have alkyd paints, so when working with them, it is necessary to constantly ventilate the room. Apply it at least two layers. It has good resistance to detergents. Acrylic dyes are less odorous and have increased moisture resistance, resistant to temperature differences, therefore it is well suited for rooms with high humidity.

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