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Install the lamps

by ladynews

When the repair ends, you will have a task that consists in installing lamps. They can be installed by yourself, since this work is not too complicated, but at the same time it requires attentiveness and responsibility.

If you want to install lamps in the ceiling (stretch, suspension, rheck), then you will need to make special holes. But it is not recommended to do them at once, it is best to mark the marking of where the light source will be installed. In order to note the location of a particular lighting device, it will be necessary to note the desired place. To do this, it will be possible to use an isolet or a patch.

And in order to make holes in the ceiling under the lamp, it will gently use the drill, which has a special tip, with which it will be possible to make a hole not only in metal, but also concrete. As soon as you finish with holes, it will be possible to proceed to the laying of the wires that will approach each lamp. It should also be remembered that the diameter of the light should must coincide with the hole that is cut out in the ceiling.

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