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Perforated polymer drainage pipes

by ladynews

Polymer perforated drainage pipes, in relation to other variants of drainage pipes, have a number of significant advantages. 1. Perforated polymer drainage pipes have a corrugated structure – technologically built -in stiffeners, due to which, the load of soil pressure is very effectively distributed, over the entire surface area, increasing its service life due to reliability, strength and durability. 2. Perforated polymer drainage pipes have small weight, do not require large physical efforts during installation, are easy to process with a manual tool, easily fit in the shape of a drainage ditch, bend and bend without damage to the quality of use. Polymer drainage pipes are selected depending on the depth of their occurrence in the ground and the possibility of setting the filter.

Types of polymer corrugated pipes and their purpose. Corrugated flexible pipes, single -layer. Made from secondary raw materials. Scope of use: Creation of drainage systems with a shallow occurrence. Classification of the stiffness of the rings are distributed: SN4 – installation at a depth of 3 meters, SN2 – installation at a depth of 2 meters. Additionally, geots and filters can be delighted. Corrugated flexible pipes, two -layer. SN6 ring stiffness, depth of the ground in the ground up to 4 meters. Can be additionally equipped with filters. Single -layer PVC pipes, ring stiffness SM8, depth of climbing in the ground up to 10 meters. Can be additionally equipped with geothkan or coconut filters. Two -layer pipes, compliance with the SN8 class, inside smooth, corrugated with additional perforation outside. Filters are not equipped. When acquiring pipes for equipment of drainage systems, it is necessary to determine what tasks in addition to drainage of water, they will perform. Filters are necessary when collecting purified water or hollow ground. Filters are selected in accordance with the soil on the site, for sandy, bulk, dry soils, drainage pipes with a geotextile filter, for very clay soils – drainage pipes equipped with a coconut filter.

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