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Types of suspended ceilings

by ladynews

Without a doubt, most designers often use Descor stretch ceilings in their design projects. Since they undoubtedly have quite great advantages over standard painting ceilings. So, the current types of suspended ceilings:

• The first most common is a glossy look. This species is often used in order to visually “raise” the height of the ceilings and give reflection to the light rays.

• The second type is matte. This species is classic, since it gives the surface of the ceiling perfectly a mischievous view.

• The third species is satin. Such ceilings create the effect of a fairly light mother -of -pearl transfusion, and at the same time do not reflect interior items.

• The fourth species is a fabric. The width of the paintings in some cases reaches five meters. These ceilings have a matte texture of a variety of calm tones.

On the second and third types of suspended ceilings, various kinds of images are possible:

• using photo printing;

• or artistic painting.

In any case, and with any selected form, there are a lot of colors and textures of these types of ceiling in the construction market.

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