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Clinker thermal panels

by ladynews

The house trimmed with thermal panels meets all the requirements that we have for a car. Thus, the decoration of thermal panels helps the owner of the house solve many issues and at least “kill two birds with one stone”! You ask why? Firstly, the purpose of thermal panels is the insulation of the house. This is a new material that has recently been enjoying the construction market more and more popular. The thermal panel consists of a layer of polyurethane foam and a decorative element – clinker tiles. Due to its cellular structure, the polyurethane foam has a coefficient of thermal conductivity, which is unlikely to compare any other insulation, while the advantage of polyurethane is extremely high physical and mechanical properties, which are exceeding not only the types of rubber, rubber, but also metals, which provides a guarantee, which provides a guarantee. long -term operation – more than 30 years. In addition, this material has the lowest indicators of combustibility, ignorance, toxicity in accordance with GOSTs. Its components themselves are difficult to combustible, for example, polysterol foam, on the basis of which cheaper thermal panels are made (in this case, saving at the price turns into such a number of minuses and additional expenses that the winnings for a short time become a loss in the long term). Secondly, thermal panel is a great way to decorate the facade of your home. The appearance of your home is no longer pleasing to the wooden, brick or siding of cottages, “battered” by the wind, the sun and rain, covered with “almighty”? Saturated colors, a variety of clinker textures will allow you to enjoy the new beautiful walls of the house, causing the delight of your neighbors. As for the installation of these panels, you should not worry about it, since their important advantage is a lightweight, which indicates the absence of the need to strengthen the walls or the foundation, because the load on them from the installation of these panels is minimal. Installation of polyurethane foam panels can be done all year round, which saves us from making the weather, or expectation of one or another season. In addition, thermal panels look great with polyurethane stucco foam. Therefore, the solution to the problem of energy conservation in your home can be safely entrusted to thermal panels, on the basis of polyurethane foam, having insulated the house, and which is not a little important today provide it with such an appearance that will subsequently not require investments to maintain it in the original excellent state.

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