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Construction technology of a chopped bathhouse

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Following the development of the trend in the construction of chopped buildings, became quite popular and those technologies for building a bathhouse. The principle of construction is nothing irreversible from the algorithm of the construction of the house. In our publication, we will tell how the process is performed from detailed design classic baths in the summer cottage before its first visit.

Classic baths are built from pine logs with a diameter of up to 22 centimeters. Aromatic substances that are contained in pine wood, released at higher temperatures, moisture, are endowed with antimicrobial properties. In addition, solid logs “breathe”, the classic bath in essence will not require ventilation.

Phased construction of the chopped classic baths:

1. Detailed design, as well as counting the size of the room.

2.Collection, as well as correct preparation of materials for classic baths.

3. Correct preparation, construction of a reliable foundation.

4. Layout of the main partitions classic baths.

5. Roof construction classic baths.

6. Installation of a stove for classic baths.

7. Internal good finish classic baths.

8. Installation and, accordingly, the output of the smoke lobe in a classic bathhouse.

9. Thermal insulation of the ceiling and floor classic baths.

10. Mounting of shelves in a classic bathhouse. eleven. Bring on the tractor trailer the material for work is most easily made of this, this will make the universal wheel tractor T-25 here you can look.

Detailed design

The construction of the bath begins with the definition of its dimensions: a standardized log house of both rooms 3*5 meters, and a 3 -room option with a separate steam room – 6*6 meters. It is very important then that the height of the ceiling of the room allow you to create linear dimensions of the structure cozy, due to the fact that they often set the least for heat conservation.

As a rule, a classic bathhouse is composed of a small dressing room (undressing rooms), as well as a pair of steam room, as well as washing. Construction must be organized in such a way that the doors from the steam room and, accordingly, from the cozy dressing room go into a small vestibule, which allows you to more rationally apply the total area.

In order for the traditional bath to turn out strong, it is necessary to correctly perform the durable foundation correctly. The depth of laying a massive foundation is advised to measure out of considerations of freezing of the soil in a very specific area + 10 centimeters.


The temperature in the classic bath is distributed in this way: in the steam room 50-55s; in the shower in the area of ​​40C; in the locker room not lower than 21. The location of the shelves, the stove in the traditional Russian bath is a special publication. It is quite important here so that the steam stove leaving the lower reaches does not cause a burn. In order to avoid very undesirable consequences, wood shelves (in 2 – 3 tiers) are quite long 160-200 centimeters, are located right along the deaf partition, behind them are steps of 3 shelves with a width of 60 centimeters. This structural solution will help save on the consumption of building materials, fuel.

Stove – stove -stove at the door in the corner, with the expectation of the simultaneous heating of all these bath rooms: paired, washing, locker rooms. The corresponding container or circuit is built into the furnace for heating water. The principle of their work is based on the use of granite natural stones as heat storage storage facilities, which turn out to be hot due to the exit hot gases from the stove fuel fuel. Stove – stove -kamenka is intended for the combustion chamber with ordinary firewood in prolonged mode.


Roofs of small family -standing classic baths will most often make in a gable version; In attached traditional baths, plain roofs are common, which are a continuation of the roof of the base house. The angle of inclination of the roof of the house of gable roofs is advised within 20-45 degrees, and a single-slotted 20-30 degrees.

For wooden classic baths you need a very heavy roof. Therefore, the Norwegian traditions turned out to be very useful and, in addition, here – in the design of the earthen roof. This roof itself is quite warm, quite heavy, very convenient, very convenient in operation – the snow does not accumulate in the winter time, and goes in the form of water.

Construction this classic baths lasts a month or two. However, the most important thing is that for prolonged use, traditional heating baths can also begin only after the first stages of precipitation of the structure – a year later. The process of precipitation of the tree will continue for 5 years, but this will not affect your vacation.

As you know, for classic baths the most important is the ceiling and floor, which should be competently insulated. For the ceiling of the destroyed traditional baths, strong slings throughout the perimeter are breaking through, the wood ceilings of the rooms are mounted, after that – the hemp with jute, then so that the warm air does not leave the room.

Particular attention should be paid to the device of the floors, spill. When arranging floors in the washing and, in addition, the parlor compartments, first of all, it is necessary to provide a rather normal drain of the used water and, in addition, its draining into the sewer system (local system or using a sump that absorbs a hole). It is equipped in the form of a sloping surface made of hydrophobic material (high -quality concrete, ordinary clay, other.) with an inclination towards the pier (small corresponding container), equipped with a water shutter and, accordingly, connected by a spillway pipe with an absorbing pit.

The wooden flooring is made on flat lags, which is installed on supporting pillars using moisture insulation. The flooring boards are attached with a gap of 5-6 millimeters in order to provide a sufficiently normal spilling with a sufficiently strong swelling. For this purpose, longitudinal chamfers are removed on the boards, deprived of knots, making the upper layer of inclined. The floors from the continuous coating are made according to the similar principle that, as well as the spilling base, but the pit should be located in the room itself, which is why it is covered with a drainage grate. The sewer system must certainly need to be equipped with a ventilation riser, which can also be installed to simplify the structure on the drain from the asbestos -cement or metal pipeline with a diameter of at least 100 millimeters; its upper end is equipped with a cap or deflector.

Often for the construction of log cabins, a rebellious wood is used – when only the bark is removed from the log. That is why the traditional bathhouse, built of naturally short logs with any bitches, roughnesses, looks quite stylish and, in addition, authentic.


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