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Dry law: roofing material or roof film

by ladynews

Today, roofing material from moisture is used as roofing material for isolation of the roof. It is placed on a continuous flooring attached to the rafters, in the interval between which the thermal insulation is located. This technology is tested by time and is very effective. The flooring from the roofing material creates a large load on the roof design and, together with the plank floor, weighs about 15-23 kg/m2. Therefore, most builders use roof films instead of roofing material, since their weight does not exceed 0, 2 kg/m2. The task of the customer is to choose the most optimal option for the elements of the roof and the flooring that will be laid on it. Even the highest quality roof is not 100% protected by getting wet. Moisture can also penetrate the roof and from the nodium house. On heated and poorly ventilated media, water vapor gather and condenses, which can destroy a layer of mineral wool. The film is considered optimal, which in parallel with good waterproofing properties has high vapor permeability. Moreover, films with low vapor permeability and steam -permeable – this is not the same. In the latter, this coefficient is approaching zero. Parron -spaced films are used so that the condensate does not moisturize the insulation. They are most often used in the wall frame. In vapor -permeable films, couples are displayed due to the shooting in the form of micro -strokes directed by the wide side towards the rooms. Therefore, the film does not pass water, and does not allow watering steam to form there. However, they are not always sufficient protection against rainwater. They are also called membranes. The roof film is used in any climatic conditions and in any weather, this property is due to the fact that it has a range of temperature changes, it will become reliable protection at almost any temperature. This film is completely safe for the environment and humans, in its manufacture, toxic substances are not used. High -quality film will not break during installation and during operation. If you want to reduce the cost of building roofs, use economical technologies. A roof with a undercarbon film is cheaper and easier. According to other parameters, the roof using roofing material is not inferior to the film.

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