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Energy -efficient door for pets Freedom Pass Pet

by ladynews

The new line of doors for pets Freedom Pass Pete was called energy efficient and was approved by the California Energy Commission (which indicates that the product meets strict energy efficiency standards). Freedom Pass Pete the only doors for pets that currently have such approval.

Freedom Pass Pet pets door is called energy -efficient, because in addition to facilitates the entrance and exit of the pet from the house, it retains heat in the house, avoiding drafts. The door also protects from heating the house if the street is hot.

On the label of Freedom Pass Pete will now indicate that the door passed a series of tests of an independent laboratory that proved that the door is energy efficient. This is extremely relevant for those who install such doors in country houses.

The air -proper compaction of the Freedom Pass Petes doors is strong enough to withstand windy weather, but even a small pet like a cat freely opens the door thanks to patented technology with magnets and a unique double design of the flair.

The door will withstand the wind up to 25 miles per hour, but the animal will still open it without any effort.

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