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Finishing work is the most important. After them, the nondescript surface becomes an exclusive coating, transforming the interior or facade of the building. There are various materials possessing any of their qualities. The following are the materials used in the external decoration of buildings.

Facing the building with siding

The use of siding in exterior decoration is to create strong frames sheathed with PVC coating. The lamella is fixed, so you can get a seamless surface that will reliably protect the walls from the influence of the environment. Using siding, you can achieve the construction of a hinged ventilated facade. The length of the panels is 2-6 m, the width has a range of 10-30 cm, and a thickness of 0, 7-10 mm. Often, the manufacturers of siding are a huge assortment of material with a complete complete set, this will make it possible to give the facade of the completed type.

Siding has many pluses. It provides the protection of the building from the destructive action of the elements. This material is not fuel and has chemical resistance. Thanks to this, it becomes possible to create an attractive type. Also, siding can be finished and hid even very crooked walls. But from this reason they expect it to be strong. The terms of its operation are more than 50 years. It is easy to care for siding, it is cleaned with ordinary water.

Canadian technology

The decoration of Canadian houses is performed using SIP panels. Their feature lies in a high degree of thermal insulation. The outer decoration of these buildings is resistant to a strong wind, ventilation pipes are not installed on their roof, which spoil the type of structure.

Purely outwardly at home from SIP panels are similar to ordinary residential buildings, so they use conventional materials for their decoration. At the same time, the building has good insulation characteristics, as well as excellent performance properties. For the manufacture of its walls, panels are used, which include outer layers, between which foam materials are fixed. You should definitely think about the arrangement of effective removal of moisture from these buildings. If joints in buildings have low isolation, it can experience different structural damage.

Only a small overview of the materials used in external decoration of buildings was presented here, you need to carefully consider the features of the use of siding, as well as Canadian technology. Only after their study can you determine the most preferred options.

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