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The socket (installation box) is a small container designed to install sockets and switches in the walls. Used in the repair and replacement of electrical installations.

The sockets are inconspicuous, the necessary detail that is inserted into a specially drilled deepening of a certain size under the outlet, and then the socket itself is mounted. The standard rectangular socket has a size of 68mm by 34 mm.

Varieties of sockets according to the installation method:

– traditional (used for installation “in the box”);

– wall (used for installation in the wall);

– Light for drywall.

Varieties installation boxes in the form:

– round (used more often than anyone else);

– rectangular;

– square.

The sockets are used for the installation of different designs: information, optical, power, electrical structures and is also used in the installation of sensors, switches, light regulators, etc.P.

The necessary requirements for the sockets: fire security.

Make a polypropylene socket (plastic).

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