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Full characteristic of the floor covering laminate

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Such a coating as a laminate is increasingly using developers in repair or construction, both not residential and residential premises. In the construction markets, you can currently find a very large range of laminate. This building material attracts the population not only by its excellent appearance (there are a large number of colors and shades, absolutely for every taste and for any interior), as well as the speed and simplicity of laying. In its appearance, this floor covering resembles a natural wood parquet, but it costs much cheaper than natural parquet, and in all respects, from the purchase price to the cost of laying.

The base of the floor covering laminate

Laminate-this name occurred due to the technological process of “lamination”. This coating of the surface of the plate with a special film based on paper, which under pressure and high temperature, is saturated with special resins. Due to this, the film is digging (practically grinding) into the surface of the plate.

Laminate is a multilayer wood -fiber DVP plate, which is pasted with several layers of the above paper, as well as with the application of special protective compositions.

• The upper layer of this flooring is made of decorated or transparent acrylic or – melamine resin and this layer is intended to protect the plate from shock loads and abrasion. It is on the quality and composition of the upper layer that the quality of wear resistance to mechanical damage to the laminate depends, such as: abrasion, pollution, wetting, scratches and the effect of ultraviolet rays.

• The second layer is a special paper with a pattern of natural wood, tiles, marble, natural stone and various other textures.

• The third layer is a skeleton (solid base of the material object) of the base of the laminate. The skeleton is made of very high density, since the stiffness and strength are the main properties of the layer. Special locks were cut along the ends of this layer, with which when laying the laminate, the plates are fastened to each other. The degree of moisture resistance and noise depends on the quality of this layer – thermal insulation of this material.

• The lower fourth layer consists of thick paper with a specialized stabilizing film that prevents moisture from entering, and also protects the laminate from deformation, increase the sound insulation and stiffness of the board.


Laminate exists of two types – assembly and adhesive. This difference lies in the method of attaching plates between themselves and in the form of ends.

With the adhesive method of laying, the ends of the plates are connected using a special water -repellent glue. This glue is responsible for increased laminate security in the junction of moisture. Go to the store for the sale of waterproof laminate 32 classes.

The prefabricated laminate has special locks, which are firmly and perfectly connected without the help of glue. Such a floor has a great advantage, since it is quickly mounted, and you can also safely and quickly dismantle and replace the damaged area. Such a laminate is also intended for reuse, that is, with global repair it can be disassembled and re-laid, thereby protecting from any mechanical damage.

To date, there are two types of castles in the prefabricated laminate, this is:


Click-pounds are shot down

There are many types of castles, since some large firms manufacturers have patented locks of their own production. Therefore, when buying a prefabricated laminate, it is necessary to take this fact take into account, since if you do not have a few plates, then you will have to look for a laminate only that company of the manufacturer that was not enough. Otherwise there is a huge risk that the locks are absolutely not suitable.

Laminate class

For the correct choice of laminate, it is necessary to know its properties perfectly, and these properties are primarily dependent on the laminate class.

Laminate flooring class is indicated by two -digit numbers: there are seven of them in total.

The first number of code – always indicates the type of room in which the laminate will be laid, for example – the number “2” – denotes residential premises; The number “3” – denotes not residential premises, such as shops, offices, and so on.

The second number of code – always indicates the degree of accessible operation of the laminate, for example – the larger the second digit, the better and higher the wear resistance of A, therefore, the price of the material. The highest class is determined from 1 to 4 by increasing.

Doucery: coating of the 21st class, is intended for styling with a small load (bedroom); 22nd class with average load (common rooms); 23rd class for a larger load (corridor – hall).

Not living rooms: coating 31-32-33-34 -34 classes is intended for the highest loads, where there is a large flow of people (shops, offices, shopping centers, banks, etc.D.).

The life of the flooring of the flooring as a laminate depends not only on the loads. It depends to a greater extent on the conditions in which the laminate is located. Low or elevated temperature, as well as high humidity, greatly reduce the duration of the flooring service.

The advantages of the laminate

1. A properly selected and qualitatively laid laminate, has very high wear resistance, since it does not have traces of: shoes, furniture legs, furniture on wheels, heating devices (iron) and from scratches of pets.

2. Speed ​​and ease in installation and dismantling.

3. The basis for laying this coating can be completely, various black floors of the floor.

4. Environmentally friendly material that does not contain any chemicals dangerous for humans.

5. In the care of the laminate, no special tools are required.

6. Affordable price.


1. Before laying, careful surface preparation is necessary.

2. Before laying, the surface should be absolutely even and dry. With small irregularities of the surface, high -quality laying of the laminate is impossible.

3. With increased humidity and moisture enters the joints, the laminate loses strength, deforms, crumbles, cracks. Therefore, in rooms with high humidity, for example: kitchen, bathroom, boiler room, pool and other such places – it is inappropriate to use laminate.

A very important point: the purchase of a laminate is best made from the manufacturer from the company. Since only in such a company, you will be provided with a hygienic certificate for the product, as well as warranty conditions. All firms have a different guarantee, so it should be studied very carefully.

Keep in mind that resellers do not have such documents, so you can easily get to the fake or the high price of the laminate.

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