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How to choose an interior of room design for a boy

by ladynews

Psychologists proved that the presence of a children’s room in the house (personal space for the baby) is an important factor that affects the development of the child.  It is important that being in his room, the child could enthusiastically play in it during the day, and sleep tightly at night. His room should be equipped with a well -thought -out interior, take into account the psychological and physical abilities of the child. When choosing the decor and interior of the children’s room, one should take into account the interests of the child himself, as well as his age and abilities.

There are a huge number of housing arrangement options. How to decide on the right choice and how to choose the interior of the room corresponding to the interests of your son?

The room of a restless and active boy who loves change can be designed in the style of “high-tech”. It is the use of bright colors, transforming furniture, metal racks. This style is characterized by strict forms and straight lines, large free space. High-tech-made room, provides for the use of simple and economical furniture.

The design of children’s rooms in the style of the “miniature town” is quite popular. For every boy, a cowboy in a hat and a gun, is the embodiment of the hero. The choice of wallpaper depends on your imagination. It can be washed wallpaper with cacti or deserts, with a look of any small street of the city, with horses in the stable. Wall decoration can also be hats or toy pistols. Photos of cowboys, the presence of cacti on windowsills, pillowcases on pillows of suede will be an excellent addition to the “cowboy” interior of the room.

Every boy dreams of racing competitions. Having designed his room in the style of “racing cars”, you will bring a little kind of dream of a child. The design of the walls depends on your creativity and capabilities. You can use trellises with machines, or a little more creative, use racing attributes.

A magnificent addition will be a mash bed. Car carpet will be a harmonious addition to the entire interior.

“Safari room” is often used in the interior of the premises, and this style is in pretty much demand among designers.

The arrangement of the room does not require huge fantasies and creativity. It is recommended to find wallpaper on which animals are presented with dangerous and hot Africa, t.e. lion, elephant or giraffe. By choosing the color of one of the main animals, you can start painting the rest of the walls. Knowing your son’s favorite animal, you can choose bedding with his image. “Friday pillows” or large toys – tigers, lions, elephants, will look great in the sleeping area of ​​the child. You can hang a toy gun or photos inserted into spotted photo frames on the walls.

Which of the guys does not like wanderings and various adventures? Perhaps it’s not so easy to find a boy who didn’t like it. Based on this fact, the child’s room can be equipped in the form of a “tent town”. For the decor of such a room, you can apply murals with the image of wildlife. Photos of rivers, lakes, plains, can serve as additional interior means. By making maximum efforts, you can try to make a bed in the shape of a boat. Using drawings and paintings with the image of nature, tents, bonfire, you can decorate the walls. A wonderful addition to such an interior will be the attributes of a young naturalist, a map or compass, a backpack with a tent. If you are not afraid to experiment, for the full pleasure of your child, you can place a small tent or hiking house in his room.

Many children are interested in jungle. The story of Mowgli is well known to everyone, and most children want to see among their friends, the same bold bear as a ball, the same clever panther as Bagira. Taking advantage of this hobby of your child, you will have another interesting idea of ​​decorating a room in the style of “jungle”.

Vines and curly plants can be drawn on wallpaper. The main representatives of the jungle – snakes and monkeys, will become an excellent “toy” addition in the design of the room and, in turn, will display your main idea. An ordinary bed can be replaced with a two -story, where the first tier will be decorated. The original option would be the presence of a hammock in the room.

It is not recommended to arrange children’s rooms in blue. He relate to cold colors and can negatively affect the mental development of the child. Preference to blue color, it is recommended to combine it with other colors, plain or bright, for example, pink or yellow.

For the most functional use of the room, it is recommended to divide it into areas, t.e. on sleeping, gaming and developing zones. The game zone looks best in saturated and bright colors, sleeping – in a more calm color scheme. The developing zone must be decorated and formalized taking into account the characteristics of your child. If your child is interested in sports, then a small gymnastic complex can be installed on the developing part of the room, for regular training.

No matter what style and interior you choose, you should remember that the children’s room is a special space in which the child feels safe and confidently.

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