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How to clear the city pond with public efforts

by ladynews

Few people think about urban ecology, most citizens do not just care about this. In everyday life, everyone is busy with their personal or professional issues, and, as before, few people go to city subbotniks. There is no more such fashion. However, sooner or later there are enthusiasts who manage to move a dozen like -minded people on a socially useful action. For example, clear the city pond, in which in the summer everyone will definitely think up swimming. And after all, it is surprising, it is quite simple to do this: for example, you can wind a VKontakte survey, arrange a small flash mob or a competition with reposts, attract the attention of a large -scale group – the administration is quite loyal to social advertising. And then the work of technology.

Cleaning the coast of the city pond

In order to put the shore of the pond or small lake in order, special equipment will not be needed. There are enough special sticks with the sharpened end, at which you can prick the garbage lying along the edge of the water. It will also be needed:

working gloves or mittens;  

plastic garbage bags;  

rubber boots.

Very often, water naits garbage to the very edge, and without waterproof shoes are simply not possible. And gloves are necessary so as not to take garbage with bare hands. A couple of hours of work even a small brigade – and the shore will be freed from fragments, cigarette butts, paper and other “waste of life of city vacationers”. As gratitude, you can give out commemorative letters to the participants and take funny pictures – collective selfies.

How to attract the attention of the municipality

If a large-scale city group or a program for wrapping VKontakte can help collect activists-socialists for clearing the shore, then specialists will have to engage in directly water resources. Do not clean a big pond with your own hands. But the same initiative group can contact a public petition to the municipality. Moreover, it is not necessary to collect signatures manually, for this there are also Internet tools. It is enough to initiate the process of signing the petition online, and then submit it, asking for help with cleaning the city reservoir. Most likely, the request will be heard. And in the summer it will be possible to boldly dive into the water, escaping from the traditional July heat.

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