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How to paint wallpaper

by ladynews

You can only paint the wallpaper that are made specifically for these purposes. If you decide to update the interior and undertook to paint those wallpaper that you have for two years, you will be awaited. They simply get wet and fall off, adding grief and troubles to you. In a wallpaper store for walls, you will be offered different types for painting: paper, non -woven and fiberglass. Practically, the reception of their coloring is the same. For application to the wallpaper, water -based, acrylic or latex paint is suitable.  It is more convenient to work with a foam roller, you need a bath for paint. Stock up on a brush or a spray gun, if the color area is large.

Before the start of painting, the wallpaper should be pasted and completely dried. Close with carpentry tape those objects that you want to protect from paint: sockets, switches, and so on. Cover the floor with newspapers, furniture – film. Start applying the paint with a spray or roller, paint the narrow places with a brush. If suddenly a bubble forms on the surface, cut it with a sharp knife, combine and apply a layer of paint on top. In order to obtain a more uniform coating, apply the second layer, but only after the first.

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