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How to place accessories in the bathroom

by ladynews

Most of us are unlikely to only consider the bathroom only as a room in which you can wash. Usually we go to the bathroom, wanting to relax and lie down in delicate foam, take a break from life problems and dream about the future. So that nothing distracts you from pleasant thoughts, it makes sense to think about how to correctly arrange all the furniture and accessories you need in it. About how to make the bathroom as comfortable and comfortable as possible, correctly placing in it the accessories that are very important there, we will tell you in this article.

How to place accessories in the bathroom

In most cases, in standard apartments, we have either a small bathroom, or an option combined with a bathroom. Therefore, if one of the listed cases is yours, then you should pacify the flight of your imagination a little, looking back at reality. But you should still not be upset and lowering your hands – even in a small bathroom, you can beautifully place everything you need beautifully.

Of course, without hooks for towels, shelves for bathrooms and washing accessories, you will not be able to do. But, if the bathroom is small in size, it makes sense to purchase multifunctional devices. For example, this can be a towel holder, combined with a shelf for bathrooms. And you can find a lot of similar options in plumbing stores.

It is great if the dimensions of your bathroom allow you to place a countertop under the sink, in which you can remove a lot of means necessary in the bath. A mirror is simply needed above the sink – but here you need to choose it wisely. You can purchase a mirror that has a shelf on which you will place everything you need – toothbrush and toothpaste, soap and other necessary products that should always be at hand.

Sometimes it seems that the most reasonable way out is the placement of accessories in the bathroom on wall shelves. And this is something correct-in this case, the regiments do not take up place in the bathroom. But, we are in a hurry to warn you that there are too many shelves on the walls of the bathroom will visually create a feeling of sloppiness and tightness of the room, which you hardly need.

How to place accessories in the bathroom

The way out of such a seemingly difficult situation can be spacious and roomy corner regiments, which can be placed not only foam for the bathroom and shower gels, but also scrubs and body lotions, and even washcloths. So that you can place everything and a lot on such shelves, choose multi -tiered corner shelves. By the way, there are also a lot of options for such shelves in stores of plumbing goods – corner shelves, like any bathroom shelves, can be rectangular, semicircular, white and colored. This will allow you to choose shelves for any interior.

Also take a closer look at the rotary holders of towels, which are popularly called “slingshots”. This is a very convenient device for towels, which takes a little space, and looks beautiful. On such a holder, towels can not only be hanged, but also dry – this is possible if its elements are diluted to the sides. Hence its second name – “slingshot”.

The space under the bathroom can also be used with benefit. There you can store, for example, a vantuz, powders for washing underwear, basin – that is, everything that does not look quite beautiful, but, nevertheless, you can’t do without it in the house. Make sliding doors under the bathroom – this will allow you to use everything that will be under the bathroom without problems.

You can also hang bathrobes in the bathroom in different ways. For this you will need a bracket or several hooks. The first option is more suitable for a large family, and the second for a family consisting of two or three people.

How to place accessories in the bathroom

Sometimes, especially if the family has older people, there is a need to place additional devices in the bathroom. For example, this can be a bath handrail that will allow your grandparents to take water procedures without fear and comfortable. By the way, such handrails can also be useful in a family in which there are small children.

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