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How to start repairs

by ladynews

The need to make repairs in his apartment periodically arises in each of us. And each of us knows the saying that it is easy to start repairs, and it is impossible to finish. But, as folk wisdom says, there is nothing impossible in life, so you should not be upset in advance. So that the repair is completed on time, it must be correctly planned and competently start. But how to start repairs correctly? In this article we will consider all the stages of the competent start of the repair.

How to start repairs

First of all, it is necessary to decide what kind of repair your apartment is required. Cosmetic repair differs from major repairs not only by the cost of costs, but also for the duration of its. It is no secret that sometimes repair generally turns into a sluggish process, which is not visible. So that this does not happen to you, first decide what is needed in your case – to refresh the apartment with the help of new wallpapers and paint, or radically redo it.

We go further and determine who will carry out the repair of your home you planned. You can make repairs with your own hands only if, in addition to desire, you have the skills of an electrician, a malarus, tile, plaster and plumbing. You will certainly need these skills, especially if you make a major overhaul.

Another necessary condition for the implementation of repairs on your own is the presence of the necessary tools and devices.

And, of course, you will need time to carry out repairs. It’s great if you are ready to spend your vacation on repairs. If you decide to make repairs in your free time, then it is likely that it will end not when you would like, but much later.

The next point that is worth considering before starting repair work – and where at this time you and your family will live? If you think that you can live in the apartment where repairs is being repaired, then most likely you are mistaken. Of course, if you plan to cross the wallpaper and, for example, to whitewash the ceiling, then it is possible that this is so, but in the event of a major overhaul for this time it is still better to leave the apartment.

How to start repairs

And now you can go to the next initial stage of repair – to the preparation of a design project. You can entrust it to professionals, or you can cope yourself – especially since on the Internet you can now find many different options for the decor of the room for every taste, color and material wealth.

The next stage of preparation for repair is the preparation of a technical project. Let’s dwell on this in more detail.

If you plan to change the wiring, then you need to understand before the repair how many sockets you need in every room and, of course, the kitchen.

If one of the tasks of the repair you plan is to warm the house, then it is necessary to clarify what exactly you will do for this – it can be the insulation of windows, loggia or balcony, insulation of the walls of the house, both external and internal.

If necessary, you can also consider the issue of heating and water supply.

Even before the repair, it is necessary to make its estimate. It is clear that it cannot be accurate to a penny, but, nevertheless, it will show you the general order of numbers, which is very important. Moreover, you and your family at this time will have to sharply reduce your expenses, which is also desirable to plan in advance.

How to start repairs

The next stage of preparation for repair is the purchase of building materials. It is very important not to rush and not succumb to advertising in this matter. Also, do not go for such purchases to the nearest store for you. You can buy building materials cheaper if you purchase them at wholesale bases. But before going there, call several wholesale bases available in your city and compare prices. At the same time, do not forget to clarify the size of wholesale whether they will give you a discount for your order building materials and the cost of delivery of products to your apartment or entrance.

If you decide to entrust the repair of your apartment to the construction team, it is advisable to invite such a team that provides a full range of services and in which there are all the specialists necessary for your repair – in this case, the repair will most likely end faster.

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