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How to strengthen the shore with gabions

by ladynews

It’s just amazing how the same people are the same in a certain respect. Someone has been investing in real estate for a long time, someone organizes a furniture tour in China, someone sells flowers, but everyone wants one thing: a comfortable life in their own house. Especially in the house of private. Well, if there is also its own pond in the yard, or the house stands on the river bank – romance! True, romance until the shore begins to crumble. So that this does not happen, strengthening measures should be carried out in advance. The best “medicine” from landslides and the cringing of the coast are gabions, iron boxes filled with stones. This will cost you cheaper than laying concrete or bricks, in addition, lay stones in the place or simply load them into a lattice box – the difference is noticeable.

The installation of gabions begins with their base. This issue needs to be approached as serious as possible, because without a reliable reason you can not even count on the fact that the wall will be stable (this can be compared with the fact that, when going to buy furniture in China, you do not plan to pay for transportation costs: that is, the idea is not bad but the fundamental approach is zero). To build a wall of gabiions about one and a half to two meters high, you need to first pour soil with a layer of 25 centimeters, compact it and drive vertical rods, which will continue to hold bars with stones. After that, ensure good adhesion of these rods with transverse rods so that they can hold when the gabions will be filled with stones.

So that the gabions do not deform when loading the filler, they should be fixed by their edges. To achieve reliable fixation, you can use stairs, plates, boards shot down together. In extreme cases, pallets are also suitable, which are used in trade for the transportation of goods, but the staircase will be more predominantly in the sense that it is more convenient to control the position of the filler in the gabions through it.

As for the filling of gabions, you can work manually that is welcome and an excavator, but this is possible only if the edges are well fixed. Gabions are placed one on another and are thoroughly fixed by the same metal rods. After that, you can proceed to the further arrangement of the coast.

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