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Install interior doors

by ladynews

With the advent of summer, many begin to make repairs in their apartments, it can be done with your own hands or invite specialists. And almost everyone set up new interior doors, and today sliding interior doors are very popular. To install such a door, you should first prepare a special tool. Now cleaning of non -residential premises is popular, more details about it will not be superfluous.

– Scurgery.

– Perforator.

– roulette.

– pencil.

– plumb.

– level.

Now you can start installing, and at the very beginning of the work it is necessary to measure the opening in the door, and choose a door frame that will be equal to this opening. After that, the upper guide should be noted, and it should be perfectly horizontal. And now you can begin to fix the upper guide. After all, this guide is the most important in the entire door structure. And it is common. The work of the interior door will also depend on the correct installation of the guide. Since the door will be used, you should take this process with all seriousness. If all the elements of the door are installed correctly, then the door can last much longer.

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