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Intellectual jigsaw

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Automatic installation of the device parameters and the choice in the menu of its functioning mode has become familiar and convenient options in many household appliances, and recently in power tools, which greatly simplifies their operation.

A problem that is familiar to almost every home master: how to correctly configure the power tool (set speed, torque, amplitude, working stroke, etc.D.) for different types of work? In order to immediately set all the parameters, the lover is usually not enough, and the method of trial and error is not suitable here, because this is how the tool and the processed product can be spoiled. Now, if the device knew how to think and understand the owner, then it would be enough to tell him what to do, and he would put up the settings himself… Fantastic? No, already reality! The review presents four varieties of “thinking” and “smart” tools and devices from Black & Decker equipped with an integrated Auto-Electa system, which automatically select and install optimal parameters for a specific type of work.

“Intellectual” jigsaw

For example, it is necessary to cut a soft wood board with an electrician. An experienced professional probably knows that for this type of work, the maximum speed and size of the pendulum movement should be used. The owner of an electrician equipped with Auto-Electa system is optional: it’s enough just to set the operating mode switch on the icon-icon “soft tree”, and then the built-in tool processor will set the optimal motion parameters of the saw blade.

For other modes, other icons are provided, respectively: “Metal”, “Plastic”, “Crinnine cut”, “Sprinked in a solid tree”, etc.D., When installing on which the switch, the system automatically selects speed parameters and pendulum movement. In addition to the most important – “intellectual” – the options of the electrolobian is equipped with other useful devices .

To control the stroke of the saw canvas on the front panel, there is a slot through which a laser pointer can be projected onto the cut line. The tilt of the case adjustable along the built -in graduated scale in both sides of the support sole allows you to drink at an angle of up to 45 °. Thanks to the non-clock mounting system, the saw canvas can be removed or installed again without any auxiliary tools: it is enough to reject the castle bracket and just remove the canvas from the holder’s rod or, conversely, insert it into it.

When working with a jigsaw, a built -in dust system provides constant cleanliness in the room. Blocking from random inclusion, soft convenient linings on the handle, a transparent protective screen and a pencil case for storing equipment also increase the level of safety and comfort of using the tool.

Sprinkled laminate panels

When laying the laminate, the last panels of each row and all the panels in the last row, as a rule, have to be adjusted by the size of the interval remaining to the wall. For this work, a “smart” electrician is great. It is enough to install the switch on this type of material, and the built -in electronic system itself will select the optimal speed and amplitude of the pendulum movement of the saw blade.

Fast sawing of wood

When it is necessary to cut without particular accuracy a large number of the same type of wooden parts, the switch is installed on the icon 4. When working in this mode, the high speed of the saw blade (3,000 moves per minute) is combined with the maximum amplitude of the pendulum movement.

Crinoline cuts of the array of wood

The switch is installed on the icon 2: sawing without pendulum movement, but at high speed. The use of a special narrow canvas allows you to make a curved cut with a thick massive board.

Sawing at an angle of 45 degrees

The design of the electrician allows you to cut solid materials at an angle up to 45 °. To do this, tilt the body to the desired angle (determined on the graduated scale in the visitor) relative to the support sole and set the switch to the icon 3. The amplitude of the pendulum movement in this mode is small.

Cross cutting of a plastic pipe

For a non -professional, the transverse sawing of the plastic pipe is a certain difficulty: with a too intense saw, the canvas can be too warm up and mourn the edges of the cut. And with too slow the edges can turn out to be torn, with burrs. When installing the switch on the icon 5, the “smart” lobby itself sets the optimal operation parameters (speed of 2300 moves per minute with a slight pendulum movement), which provides a clean and even cut.

Slow sawing of metal

Another problematic type of work is metal sawing. If the speed of the saw blade is too large, burrs are formed on the edges of the cut, if the speed is insufficient, the canvas stucks in it… Everything is simple here: we set the switch to the icon b – and the auto -cutting off of the parameters provides neatly sawing the metal part.


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