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Not everyone will become Muscovites | News

by ladynews

Recently in the construction sphere, the topic of expansion of Moscow territories has been increasingly discussing. At the same time, quite a lot of people are clearly dissatisfied with the current situation and plans of the authorities. There are several reasons for this discontent and the point is not only that the new center of the capital will be in the Butovo area and not in the cost of the built housing.According to the results of sociologists, 40.4% of Muscovites surveyed negatively relate to the plan to expand the capital, and about 18% of this idea relate to “extremely negative”

Most of all residents of the capital are concerned about the issue of issuing municipal housing, since few people will like to be outside the Moscow Ring Road. By the way, millions of citizens of the country will be able to get into the list of “new Muscovites” who have bought a residence permit in those areas that will soon be part of Moscow.

In the near future, one of the important tasks of the city’s authorities and social services is to explain to the population of all the advantages of increasing the capital, as well as the identification of all the pros and cons of this project. However, now there are more questions to the general plan that are left without a clear answer. One of the urgent questions is how the mechanism for leaving the territory near the Moscow Region and their addition to Moscow will look like.

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