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Paper wallpaper “Simplex” and “Duplex”

by ladynews

Simplex wallpaper is the simplest – one layer of paper on which the drawing is applied. This is precisely what caused the shortcomings: the paper after applying the glue on it greatly soaks, if it was not possible to immediately smooth the leaf on the wall, then the inevitable are dentist and creases, or even the air bubbles. Duplex wallpapers are two layers of paper. Therefore, when applying glue on the panel, they do not soak much and retain the shape. They are easier to glue on the wall and, if necessary, adjust. The main advantages of both are environmental friendliness and price.

The market offers a large selection of cheap paper wallpaper, they are popular, but their design leaves much to be desired. You can distinguish high -quality paper wallpapers by color: the whiter the paper, the better they are. The service life of paper wallpaper depends on the operation. Compared to other types of wallpapers, paper burn more strongly, they cannot be washed, they are not durable. With a frequent interior change, they represent a good alternative to other types of wallpaper. An interesting design among English, Canadian and American manufacturers.

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