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Preparing the walls for painting

by ladynews

If you want to paint your walls, then before painting they should first prepare. The stage of the preparation of walls is important than the painting itself, since the future type of walls will depend on it, as well as how long the paint will stay on the wall. If you plan to finish the facade in Kyiv, then we recommend that you install the vinyl siding siding.

Preparation of walls for painting consists of several stages:

• The first thing you will need to do is to clean your walls from old wallpaper, spots, a variety of fluxes, as well as from dust.

• If the walls have any irregularities and roughnesses, then they will need to be removed using putty.

• After the putty layer is applied on the wall, it will be necessary to wait for it when it dries, after which it will be possible to wipe the surface. For this type of work, you can use special sandpaper skins that will help to make the surface of the wall more even and smooth.

• The next stage of the preparation of walls is the use of a primer, which covers the entire surface.

As soon as all of the above work is completed, you can start painting walls.

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