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The degree of cooling in the refrigerator.

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In different parts of the device, the degree of cooling is different. The warmest place is in the door, there the temperature ranges from +7 to +10 ° C. This zone is optimal for storing butter, eggs, sauces, bread, canned products.

In the refrigerated chamber, the temperature is slightly lower, approximately +5 ° C. Here you should keep ready -made dishes, dairy products, sausages. Many models have climate temperature zoning. Such a solution as the organization of the “zero zone” (“Freshness zones”) is also widespread. It is a separate shelf, boxing, or a whole camera, where a temperature of about 0 ° C, in which optimal conditions are created for maintaining taste qualities and nutritional properties of food supplies, in addition, the growth of bacteria slows down.

The zone is “wet” and “dry”. In the first case, air humidity in the chamber is 90%. This is a suitable environment for vegetables, fruits, greens. In the second case, the humidity is 50%, which is suitable for fish, meat, poultry.


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