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The emergence of the roof

by ladynews

Roof and roofing is the appearance of the dwelling. The first roofing coatings created by nature were canopies of rocks, even ancient people sat under them and fired fire. After, primitive people built roofs from branches and rounds that covered them from rain and wind.

Residents of Ancient Egypt built houses with a flat roof of brick, and for water flow made a roof a little sloping with a slope to the center.

In the Middle Ages there were large gable roofs under clay tiles. For a long time, the roof and the roof many times changed its appearance and design. In ancient times, the roof began to have forms ordinary for modern people. Wooden houses had simple gable roofs with a wooden coating. Later, under the influence of climatic conditions and local traditions, the roof is performed flat or pitched, and to build a rectangular dwelling under the pitched roof, a ceiling is erected, which creates a attic place. One of the first types of housing was a tent. He had a motionless and simplified frame. Atmospheric precipitation could easily drain down, and the premises were used as much as possible. Only a light source was not enough – the windows in the surface of the roof.

Development in the Renaissance Renaissance is closely related to the French style of architecture – Baroque. Thanks to him, the shape of the roofs changes, a variable slope of slopes from 60 ° to 750 ° and from 10 ° to 300 ° appears on them. In this regard, the visual perception of such roofs is also modified.

In Rus’, the main roofing material was lead plates. This is confirmed by historical documents, as well as finds of archaeological excavations. Such sheets were nailed with nails to lime coating of the arches of the houses. Of course, for these purposes, nails with a wide hat were used, the same as they were discovered during the restoration of the Assumption Cathedral in Vladimir. If lead sheets were successfully successful, then for the roofs of domes, as well as roofs of wealthy houses and ceremonial, sheets of gilded copper were used, which were laid according to the same principle.

The last twentieth century and our XXI is the era of reinforced concrete, which is why the roof becomes flat. During the development of industrial housing housing, the shape of the roof, as the final architectural element of the building, was almost completely lost.

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