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The number of flower vases in the house

by ladynews

If bouquets are often presented to you, then, of course, the more the VAZ in the house is, the better. Well, the standard “gentleman’s set” includes a high wide vase for a bouquet with long stems, a high narrow vase for one flower, a small round for large colors with short stems and a small vase for one small flower.

It is important that the vase is stable, and in addition, it fits into the interior. For rooms decorated in a classic style, engraved glass and crystal are suitable.

For modern housing – designer vessels made of plastic and metal, transparent glass. For the country style – painted porcelain (in particular, Gzhel) and ceramics. However, if you do not want to keep a large number of flower vases at home, you can do without them at all.

If necessary, a glass, a high cocktail glass, a beer glass, a jug or a beautiful bottle with a wide neck will play the role of a vase. Even a glass jar, wrapped in beautiful paper or “dressed” in a case made of organza, decorated with beads, is suitable. Creative approach is welcome!


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