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The roof from Ondulin

by ladynews

Inexpensive and beautiful roofs from Ondulin began to enjoy unusual popularity in domestic expanses in recent years. Only it allows you to cover significant areas with minimal costs for the customer. And indeed, if you need to urgently cover a garage or shed, then why you need to choose other types of expensive types of roofs? After all, only the oniline roof, which is often called the Euro -Shifer, may turn out to be perfect roofing material for temporary buildings. And all the prerequisites for this are available. First of all, you need to pay attention to what, in fact, the Euro -shifer is made. It is based on a special organic fiber, which is saturated with a bitumen composition. To give strength and flexibility, manufacturers of this type of material add various types of minerals and granular rubber to it, which allows an order of magnitude to increase the performance of the material. In addition, the onoline roof weighs unusually small. To be more accurate, no more than 3-4 kg per sq/m, which can significantly save the customer on construction beams. It is well known that the tree is now in price, and why overpay extra money, when you can buy and install a lighter and cheap roofing structure, which is easily nailed to EuroShifer? The speed of the roof construction is also impressive, since it has already become a global standard, that the roof of this type is produced in size 2 × 1 m, which allows you to cover significant area over the entire daylight day. Do not think that the onuline roof is weak to mechanical influences. Vice versa. Due to the fact that it originally has rubber, it can be a little bend. And if strong winds or even hurricanes are periodically observed in the region, blowing at a speed of up to 200 km/h, then the roof of this type can easily withstand this wind load. The roof from the euro -shifter is perfectly capable of withstanding snow load. To be more precise, it is able to withstand up to 250-300 kg per sq/m. And if you set the roof with a gradient above 12 degrees, then you will not have to remove the snow from the oniline roof, since it, with the slightest warming, will smoothly slip down. And not without reason, when it is required to cover a roof that has a gradient up to 90 degrees, then the roof of this type is mainly selected. Finally, it is important to note the service life – more than 50 years and a color guarantee of up to 5 years, which makes such a roof really out of competition with other types of roofs.

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