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Thermal insulation of saunas and baths

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Even if there is a shower in the cottage, a bath, almost any owner decides once for himself: it is time to build a classic bathhouse – Finnish or Russian, much better known as a “sauna”. And also immediately involved in a complex construction process, since the traditional bath is not an unbearable wooden small small house with a stove. This is a difficult system where you need to foresee heating, supply, as well as heating water, sewage …, how many subtleties pops up during construction!, But you are racking your head how to save heat inside the classic baths, how not to allow excess moisture, save a bath a small house from premature aging, biological decomposition, as well as other troubles. The answer is very simple: to perform auxiliary thermal insulation and, in addition, vapor barrier.

For great happiness, for the thermal insulation of saunas and baths, the construction market of products offers curious combined solutions “two in one” – for example, mats from flexible strong fiberglass Ursa Glasswool M -11F, which are covered with smooth foil (the letter “f” in the name of the product is just And, in addition, it means “foil layer”). One side of the mat is covered with aluminum foil, performing the function of vapor barrier and reflects heat back into the room. The advantage of this “double” decision will significantly save the time of the one who installation.To buy thermal insulation, fiberglass you can go to the online store = Joomla + Virtuemart built on these engines.

The device is heat and, accordingly, vapor barrier is not the most complicated process, but it will require some skills and knowledge. The very first stage is the installation of the supporting frame, to which a strong fiberglass will be fixed. The reinforcing frame is vertical – bars, which are made of wood with a size of 50×50 millimeters – is nailed to partitions (walls) from the inside. The distance among the racks should be 550 millimeters. This limit is associated with the width of the heat -insulating mats URSA Glasswool M -11f – 1200 millimeters. It is worth cutting the mat in two – and, in addition, you will get a width of 600 millimeters. The cut mat will turn out a slightly wider free spaces between the racks: the “extra” 50 millimeters are required so that the strong flexible fiberglass is very tightly kept in a solid frame due to its elasticity, and in this case there is no auxiliary fastener at all at all. The mats are certainly mounted by foil covered in the room – a thin foil acts as a vapor barrier. The seams are among the heat insulator (with its foil layer), as well as the bars of a durable frame are glued with specialized tape then so that the vapor barrier layer is integral. It is very important to prevent the presence of the gaps in the corners so that the scandalized steam does not accumulate in the heat insulator. In addition, the heat insulator should fit very tightly to the partition. Finally, the last stage: right on top of the entire structure to the bars that are made of wood, a finishing lining is nailed.

The recommended thickness of the heat insulator for partitions (walls) traditional baths – 50 or 100 millimeters. To obtain a thickness of 100 millimeters, the material is placed in 2 layers of 50 millimeters. Moreover, as the first layer, which is placed on the partition, ordinary ursa Glasswool M-11 without covering with thin foils are used. The 2nd layer is laid by mats with an external foil of aluminum foil, moreover, it is important to emphasize that the layer of thin foil should be located only from the side. A widespread characteristic mistake is the desire to “wrapp” thermal insulation from all these sides with thin smooth foil or vapor -permeable small film. With this option, the heat insulator is not able to ventilate, raw pairs accumulate in the material, and as a result, thermal insulation will become wet. In order for the partitions of the Finnish traditional baths to remain dry, the damp steam must go freely through the full layer of the heat insulator and, accordingly, be removed outside the partition.

Particular attention should be paid to thermal insulation of the ceiling (room ceiling). Its design should consist of a number of layers: below there is a cladding of the ceiling of the room, subsequently vapor barrier, insulation and, in addition, the highest plank of the flooring. And if the ceiling is completely ready, it doesn’t matter – you can equip the “double ceiling”: heat and, in addition, vapor barrier, and after that everything is “sewn up” with a shelling lining is fixed. For thermal insulation of the ceiling of the room and, in addition, the ceiling is very thicker than the insulation layer than for partitions (walls). If in the same place we used mats with a thickness of 50 millimeters, in this case, a thickness of 100 millimeters will be needed here – if it so happened that the attic is heated, 200 millimeters are required – and if the attic is quite cold. To insulate the ceiling of the room, professional specialists advise using the Ursa Glasswool M-11 mats or smooth Ursa Glasswool P-15. It should be noted that from the inside of the room you will need to attach a vapor barrier layer. You can apply the Ursa Glasswool M -11F already known to us for working with partitions (walls) of the mats of the Ursa Glasswool – with “built -in” vapor barrier.

Thermal insulation will help you fulfill your bathhouse really warm enough – heat will stay in the room longer, you can extend the pleasure of the process. In addition, thermal insulation allows you to save the structural elements of a sauna or bath in excellent condition: without rot, fungi, as well as parasites – stable satellites of raw partitions. Favorite classic bathhouse will last much longer, and it will also be very many years to give health and, in addition, a good mood!


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