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To get rid of mold, you need to get rid of excessive humidity

by ladynews

Mold in the apartment (both in the bathroom and in other rooms of the house) leads to damage to property and health problems. If you look at the statistics of requests in Yandex, you will see that people are very actively looking for ways to get rid of mold and wonder how the mold in the apartment appeared.

Typically, the appearance of mold and fungus in the apartment is associated with a violation of the humidity and temperature mode. This is normal for old houses where there are no rational ventilation systems, but sometimes it happens in residential buildings where all the precautions are taken and all the necessary engineering communications are taken. But the presence of ventilation mines, working fans and a normal internal and outer grate of ventilation do not always save from mold. People even began to spend money on home weather stations and the work of specialists in the climate analysis in the room to understand what leads to the fact that microorganisms begin to settle in the apartment. So what attracts mold to your house?

You should know the following:

The problem of mold is always caused with excess moisture

Excess moisture is formed not only due to a poorly working ventilation system, but also due to plumbing leaks. So, it is not always necessary to remove ventilation grilles and “scream” inside the ventilation duct if the edges of the bath were covered with mold. Of course, it is desirable that your bathroom has artificial ventilation and natural ventilation (gratings in the door), but if moisture is constantly seeping, you need to get rid of it. Moreover, excess moisture may appear from the fact that you are constantly preparing, cleaning or even washing more often than.

Leaks can appear not only due to problems with plumbing, but also due to improper isolation (for example, water can be seeped in a country house). All leaks require immediate repair. Condensate on the windows is also considered a leak, and if humidity accumulates on the windowsill, then it can leak through the walls and lead to a hidden growth of mold. Chronic excess humidity in apartments leads to an increase in mold.

Air humidity depends on many factors. Maintaining normally humidity in the room is a necessity.

In order for the mold to appear, four factors are needed: spores of mold, suitable temperature, organic materials (a source of food for mold) and humidity and humidity.

Spores of mold are everywhere. Almost every surface of the apartment and furniture are covered with microscopic spores of mold, which inevitably appear everywhere (you yourself bring them, they are brought by the wind, they seep through the door slots, pass through the grates of ventilation, etc.P.). But all disputes are at rest until sufficient humidity appears for their active growth. Until the moisture is available, their growth will continue, and mold will move from one surface to another. The organic organ to which they eat are both building materials (decoration of your home) and furniture. They can “eat” even your clothes, etc.P. Of course, they do not eat all this as quickly as piranhas, but still all this spoils under the influence of their life.

Moisture, as you see, is a critical factor for the growth of mold, but not the only. You need to follow not only her, but also the temperature in the house.

The following factors (in addition to installing a good ventilation system) will help you avoid mold problems:

Do not turn on ventilation if the delay point is above 55

Make sure that the dryer of the clothing works properly, and the room where you dry things is ventilated

Prepare on the stove only with a working hood system

Install exhaust ventilation in bathrooms, in kitchens and other rooms where a lot of moisture is formed. Try to use natural ventilation (windows, ventilation grilles on the doors, etc.P.)

Check the level of humidity in the room using a hygrometer.

Support the relative level of humidity below 60% (use the drainage, if necessary).

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