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Wall insulation with foam

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Wall insulation with foam

Foam sheets  Great insulation. And the ease of material absolutely does not create a load on the walls of the house. The effectiveness of insulation directly depends on the thickness of the material and its density. Any walls  brick, block, concrete, can be insulated with polystyrene. The main thing is that the walls are even, cleansed of the remains of the plaster, strong and absolutely dry. The facade insulation work is usually carried out at a plus air temperature. Fixed foam slabs using a special glue designed to work with polystyrene. It is applied to the surface of the wall with a serrated spatula and the sheets are glued on top. Foam often use apartments repair and decoration companies.

With visible irregularities of the walls, the slabs are glued in the middle and around the perimeter. Lubricating the joints of the plates with adhesive solution, they are interconnected. Next, the glued foam, using a punch or drill, is sewn to the surface of the wall with dowels with hats. 5 pieces of dowels go to the sheet. Glue the reinforcing grid on top. The angles of walls and slopes on the windows, on top of the reinforcing mesh, are finished with perforated corners. This is a protection against random chips plus alignment. The insulation is ready, you can start the finish.

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