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by ladynews

The walls of the house from the inside can be insulated using polystyrene foam. Take the insulation of walls extremely responsibly. Insulation an important process, no need to rush and do everything in a hurry. Before starting work, it is better to think over all the work on the process of insulation. If you want to insulate the walls and outside, then it is recommended to use polystyrene, if the polystyrene is used inside the house. If an important role in your house is played by an area, and you do not want to lose it, then to warm the walls in this case use extruded foam or polystyrene. These materials are very thin, which will retain your area. In addition, these materials have excellent water -repellent and thermal insulation properties. Thanks to these properties, these materials are less prone to fire. In addition to walls, it is worth warming the ceiling. The fact is that cold air is harder than warm and accumulates in the floor area. Therefore, the cold air that will proceed from the ceiling will pass through the whole house. In order for the house there is an optimum temperature in the house, it is better to use drywall and polystyrene, to warm the ceiling. Also, foam tiles are quite suitable. To insulate the floor, you can simply install heating. However, this method is not suitable for the bathroom. Therefore, it is better for the bathroom to choose a special tile. On the market you can find a large amount of a variety of tiles that does not become slippery when moisture gets. If you do not have funds for the purchase of such tiles, then buy a simple tile and put a rubberized rug on top of it. But, having insulated the floor and walls of the bathroom, you will not fully maintain heat inside the bath. And all because cold air will flow through a ventilation output, so it will need to be insulated. Solving the problem of insulation of ventilation is quite simple. It is enough to install a special grille and all. If you have the opportunity, install the fan in the ventilation pass. It will help to get rid of vapors in the bathroom faster and will prevent cold air from entering.

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