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We are building a mini-garage

by ladynews

If your site is small and, in addition, you have nowhere to put a car, do not worry. Each time you can also find a way out. I believe that on each, and a small area, there is a fairly free corner where you can also place at least something. Try to use this opportunity. On this small free land plot, you can equip an insignificant non -) garage, in which your car is freely placed.

You can quite calmly fulfill this mini-garage with your own hands without making significant efforts. Of course, you will need any tools, materials to build a garage yourself and what to listen.


We will need a welding machine, we can also insignificant capacities at 220 V, as well as electrodes of 3 millimeters;

Corner grinder, the diameter of the circle is very preferably 230 millimeters;

The electric drill is familiar with a set of small ordinary drills;

Drill-shuruvret with additional nozzles;

Level, plumb line for monitoring the accuracy of work;

Soil brush to metal surfaces.


Channel P-shaped profile for installing load-bearing racks, ceilings. From this channel profile, we will weld a reliable frame, on which, and our entire structure will also remain. The channel P-shaped profile can also be 8 millimeters, 10 millimeters, much more. The thicker – the stronger the design;

Metal profile, from 0.7 millimeters of thickness. In this case, I used green, but you can also choose any color: blue, red, yellow, brown;

Leaf, moisture resistant OSBI, which will go to the manufacture of the roof of your garage, under the profile of metal so that the same does not bend. I used OSBI with a thickness of 16 millimeters, it is harder, but you can also choose and, accordingly, a different thickness;

The pipeline is quadratic, which we reinforcing the frame of our structure in order to then attach a metal profile to it. The pipeline can also be rectangular, square, a section of 25 millimeters and, in addition, higher;

Soil for metal, which it is very necessary to apply to all metal separate parts of our structure then so that they do not rust;

Screws (self -tapping screws) decorating, with fairly wide hats. It is very convenient to screw the profile of metal.

The construction of the garage independently

In my case, the mini-garage immediately adjoins the partition of the room, because there was no other place on this site. Therefore, along the entire perimeter of the partition, it is very necessary to strengthen the strapping from the corner or pipeline, to which we will tie the full structure.

In the photo, you can clearly see how you can also place a similar design on a slight piece of earth. But this garage is much more than 6 meters long, each car includes this.

After fixing the strapping, it is enough to concrete small columns from the previously prepared channel U-shaped profile. Having installed the supporting racks, let’s begin to install an enhancing frame from the channel P-shaped profile. And if it so happened that the slope of the roof is very small, then the beams and racks of the ceiling need to be placed thicker – in case there is a lot of snow.

Finishing work on the creation of the skeleton, we carry out the installation of a jumper from a rectangular or square pipeline. We have jumpers at a distance of approximately 30-35 millimeters, then so that the profile of metal does not bend. On the roof under the profile, the OSBI will certainly fall, but it is much better to install it for greater reliability as well as on partitions. If you want to protect the mini-garage from thieves, you can cook the structure on the inside of the latrine reinforcing reinforcement, and after this sheathe it inside with some decorating material.

Subsequently, we will apply the soil on metal (you can also sword) on all metal separate parts of our garage in advance in order to preserve it from chemical corrosion. After the soil completely dry, we attach waterproof osbby to the roof with ordinary steel screws. At the top, we will attach the already specialized stainless steel screws for metal tiles of metal profile. Specialized elastic bands go to such self -tapping screws (screws) in the set, respectively, there will be no dripping from your roof at every slope.

Next, we strengthen the profile of metal to partitions. Particular attention should be paid to the racks at the entrance to the garage. The gate will be fixed to them. In this case, I set the gate of a roll -up type – they are the most rather compact, affordable, non -ruddy, open by means of a remote control panel.

Do not forget to leave openings under ventilation grilles at different ends of the room! Without ventilation, this is a room like a garage, it is unacceptable to imagine.

It is also worth paying special attention to the adjacency to the wall (partition). In these places, water will be seeped every time, puddles will also form on the floor. So, I blew these places with foam for installation work, and after that I installed not a very large visor, and also processed around the entire perimeter with a sealing composition. You can also be specialized insulating mastic – at your discretion.

You can also additionally make the interior decoration of the room to your liking. If it happened that you want to have a fairly warm garage, install the heat insulator inside. There are now on sale a variety of species to arbitrary taste.

The mini-garage, which you see in the photo, has been serving for several years in a row. He occupied an completely insignificant piece of land – a place which one way or another was empty. Every time very dry, does not flow anywhere, convenient. Metal profile will last many more years. It does not deteriorate, and also does not rust. They also made a finish inside. Now, in the case of a variety of the latest materials for construction work and, in addition, repair, this room can also be installed quickly and, in addition, without special waste.

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