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We create a do -it -yourself design

by ladynews

If you have already started casting critical views on the situation in your apartment, then it’s time to change everything dramatically. There are many solutions that will help you transform your home. But you yourself can take a direct part in the process.

You want something new, but you can’t decide – what do you need. I want everything to be not only aesthetic, but also convenient. Which side to approach this issue?

First of all, it is necessary to take into account the size of your apartment. After all, it is not only difficult to enter into a small room in a small room, but it will not always be convenient. Therefore, it is worth drawing an approximate plan of your apartment and outlining the most important areas on it, their purpose and size. At the same time, it is worth considering the number of people living in the apartment. Of course, a designer can help you, but his proposals may not always match your tastes and preferences.

On the plan, also draw furniture that will have to appear in your house. Thanks to this, you can evaluate how much space the furniture you have chosen will pick up and whether it is worth buying it at all. All the furniture must be chosen taking into account your needs and the number of people’s residents. It all depends on the volume of things that will need to be placed in the cabinets, the presence of books and other things.

Think about lighting, additional light is able to visually increase the space. As well as about the color scheme, about contrasts and accents. It is preferable to choose pastel colors in small apartments, however, such a solution should be diluted either with a dark floor or several bright spots. For example, it can be a vase or small pads – Duma. Otherwise, the room will be quite boring and the effect that you counted on.

Curtains in any room play an important role. They are able to completely transform the room, making it solemn and elegant or more calm and peaceful. It is the curtains that can become the highlight that will become an indicator of the individuality of your apartment, will reflect your mood and character.

In any case, it is worth remembering that the interior is best to stand in one color, highlighting individual sections with lighter or dark tones. For example, your walls are in light beige colors, the floor is dark brown, the furniture can be just brown, but with decorative inserts. As well as a large central lamp of orange or yellow. And for any interior you will need several decorative gizmos that can dilute a strict environment and simply delight the eyes. For example, you can take a concrete fight in St. Petersburg and showing a little imagination to make an interesting interior detail.

To someone these rules may seem boring. And if you have a vivid imagination – go for. In this case, you will enjoy the process of creating a new design, but also a deep satisfaction from the work you have done and its final result.

Mirrors can help increase the space of small apartments, which can be placed opposite either next to the window, or on the window, install a wardrobe with mirror doors. This will fill the room with light and expand the space.

There are many design options and it is very difficult to give preference to what one. Therefore, the design that is carried out with your own hands has its own special value. Here are not just arranging furniture and wrapping wallpaper, here the soul of the owner of the house is invested. As a rule, it is precisely such apartments that have a unique comfort.

When you finally decided what exactly, you want to do with your apartment, you can think about the financial side of the issue. Make a preliminary estimate. In other words, write down everything that is required to create your perfect design, go shopping, ask for. With a huge selection today, you can find everything you need in the price limits that arrange you. In addition, shops constantly hold various promotions and discounts, so you can even save on this. After that, it will be possible to compose the final estimate and boldly go to the store.

Small advice. Do all the rooms gradually. For example, if you change the floor, then do not change it immediately in the entire apartment. Make one room completely first, then take it for another. And before the start of such an important event as a change in the appearance of your apartment, conduct a thorough inventory. It may well turn out that you don’t need a significant part of things anymore and then feel free to get rid of them. As for the clothes, then if you have not worn it for more than a year, then you are unlikely to put it on. Separate with such clothes without regret. After all, we all know how much such clothes can cllate cabinets. Forget that the thing is almost new and a pity to throw it away. In this case, you can simply give such things to the needy.

When you get rid of unnecessary things, free the space to embody your creative venture, you can proceed to the embodiment of your dreams. You will succeed!

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