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We drill tiles and shutter-mighanka Moscow

by ladynews

In any house, sooner or later, there is still a need for drilling tiles. You need to drill it very carefully and carefully, since fragile material can go along cracks and split. You can buy a migama shutter Moscow at a bargain price.

Before how to start drill, mark the places in which you plan to make holes with some bright marker. After that, stick tape tags. So, you can prevent the drill slip during work from the surface of the tile.

To drill tiles, you need to use only special drills with attacked spear tips from hard alloys. After drilling tiles, change it to a drill for the material, which is located under tile.

Before you start drilling, you need to turn off the shock modes on the perforator or on the drill. In order to avoid the appearance of cracks, you need to drill at the lowest speed, gradually adding speed. In order not to spoil the seams between the tiles all the dust, which is formed during the drilling, you must immediately remove the vacuum cleaner. Когда вы полностью закончили сверление можете снять скотч или малярную ленту и начинать непосредственно само крепление.

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