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We glue ourselves

by ladynews

There are many materials that are easy to use in the house for repairs in the house with your own hands. These include a self -adhesive film. In addition, it is a material that has unlimited functional capabilities. Self -adhesive film is a waterproof material, which means that it can be easily used in those rooms of the house or apartment where humidity is not a constant value. And high temperatures are not afraid of her either. And how diverse the colors of this film are not necessary to tell – patterns and colors can be selected endlessly, applying imagination in its various variations and combinations. By self -adhesive film, you can not only decorate the walls in the bathroom, but also update the kitchen furniture or apply a film for the decor of individual interior parts. Often stained -up self -adhesive film is used to “tint” windows – simple, fresh, interesting. It is not difficult to stick such a film. It is only worth remembering a few simple recommendations. 1. The surface on which it is planned to apply a self -adhesive film should be degreased, cleaned of dust and garbage. To obtain the perfect surface under the film, you can use a primer and putty. 2. Cutting the film is quite simple – a mesh with a centimeter scale is applied on its inner paper side. 3. On the inner paper side of the film in the pictures a brief guide is given to glue it. Where it follows that applying the film to the surface is not all at once and a strip, like wallpaper. It is necessary to peel off the paper from the width of about five centimeters, then stiffly glue this edge of the film to the surface. Then you need to gradually remove the paper with one hand, and glue the film with the second. 4. As in the case of wallpaper, a self -adhesive film tends to bubble. If you allow the air to fall under the film, try carefully – from the center to the edges – smooth the film with a soft cloth. The remaining small bubbles can be pierced with a needle and tightly glued the film to the surface. 5. If you need to apply a film on glass or metal surfaces, first moisten a little with a solution of water and drops of detergent. Then completely remove the internal paper base and straighten the film on the surface.

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