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Where can I remove the kitchen towel ?

by ladynews

You can install special towels in the cabinet. They are advanced when you need to wipe your hands, and then move, which is very convenient – there is no need to remove anything. For detergents, special compartments are provided in the closet under the sink or cabinet next to the sink. These compartments, as a rule, are offered by manufacturers of systems for storage and separation of garbage.

Hettich has a special design for drawers under the sink – Orga Flex. It allows you to properly organize the space under the sink and is a moveing ​​trays located on the right and right from the siphon, as well as a small space behind the facade. Such a system leaves a place for storing household chemicals.

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How to effectively use the base of the box ?

There are boxes that use the space under the basement. They can be located under the oven or under tables. It is impossible to order basement boxes to the existing kitchen set, because they need a special context of the table. In addition, it all depends on the height of the base. Ready -made boxes cannot be used, for example, at a base height of 10 cm, and at 15 cm you can already.

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