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With your own hands

by ladynews

The main advantage of the bourgeois is that it can be easily constructed from improvised materials, not at all bourgeois. For this, some kind of metal vessel is used, for example, milk flask. It is installed on the side, then the flask cover will serve as a door door. In the lower part of the lid, you only need to make a small hole to ensure air flow.

For the bourgeois to stand stable, the legs are made of metal brackets, which are strengthened on a flask using bolts or welding apparatus. By clicking on the following link you can buy high -quality interior doors in Moscow.

A touched metal grate is laid through the neck of the flask in it, which should be deployed inside, then it will be reproached into the walls of the flask.

It remains at the top of the resulting stove to make a hole of the required diameter to strengthen the pipe. If the hole turned out to be a larger diameter, you can cover the gap with refractory clay.

So, the stove is ready, you can bask. But one air, even warm, is not full. Therefore, it is also necessary to make a metal table between the legs of which the bourgeois will fit. Under the countertop there will be a furnace furnace, so you can safely cook and fry.

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