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Apartment renovation. Surface painting with oil paints

by ladynews

An important step in painting is the preparation of stained surfaces, which affects the quality of the color. If the old paint is poorly held, then it should be removed from the stained surface. The old plaster must be strengthened, correcting the existing defects: clutching the cracks and cracks. Before starting work from the walls, it is necessary to remove hooks and nails. Emalem or oil paint, which is well -held on the wall, can not scrape away, limiting yourself to washing off dirt and dust. A warm soap solution is used for washing. Then the surface is smoothed out with coarse -grained sandpaper, after which it is necessary to wait until it dries completely. Oil paints are used to stain absolutely dry surfaces, because their layer does not pass water vapors. Such paints are stained with heating radiators, doors and window frames or floors. The advantage of oil paints is that they provide good protection of plaster and floor from pollution and dampness, and metal surfaces are protected from corrosion. For outdoor work, the optimal time of the year is from May to September. It is better to do work in dry weather in daylight. The paint should be distributed so that one jar is enough for painting the whole wall, since the shade of paint from another jar may differ a little. Before painting metal surfaces, the brush should be removed with rust. For staining even surfaces, it is best to use a roller, dipping it in the paint and applying it to the surface with vertical movements, repeating the movements several times to create a uniform layer of paint. When performing the coloring with a brush, the entire width should be used. If the brush is flat, then the paint should be applied to one and the other sides alternately. If the brush is round, then it must be constantly rotated. At the same time, the wear of the hand will be uniform, and it will retain its shape. The coloring of the windows should begin with staining the movable wings, and then stain motionless parts. The color of the windowsill and the frame is performed last. When painting a door that has a smooth surface, the left upper corner begins to paint. Then, going down, the plot located nearby is covered. Before drying the paint, it should not be touched. The resulting smudges can be carefully removed after drying. After which the place of the leak is slightly tinted.

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