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Automatic temperature controllers

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To regulate the temperature in the premises, the control system responds to the internal external change in the temperature for the opening, closing, and modulation of valves and damper in heating and cooling of pipelines or ducts. This includes, if necessary, adjusting the temperature of heating or cooling the medium. The control system also provides automatic temperature adjustment in order to comply with employed and unoccupied construction terms. The temperature control system in itself can be pneumatic, electric or electronic control, or any combination.

Units of measurement: Distance for laying electrical wiring or pipes are recorded and prices for the linear meter are recorded. Device management, such as controllers and sensors, are recorded like each. Complex temperature control systems are given as of each, or on “installed” or “under the supervision” of the basis.

Units material: an experienced appraiser should know which parts of the climatic equipment represented by the mechanical contractor will include temperature control. Autonomous valves will be represented; complete with built -in thermostats and sensitive elements. Packed air conditioning, heat pump, warm air of the furnace, or the boiler will arrive from work and the control limit is installed and wiring. Remote thermostats, programmable controllers, or external sensors should be considered as additional equipment for installing a field and wiring, and should be ordered as everyone if they are not included in the package.

Depending on the specification of the project, the temperature control system may be a rate on the manufacturer as an installation key. In this case, the buyer of temperature control, or his representative, will take full responsibility for the installation.

In addition, specifications can be called to the manufacturer of control of the temperature of the competitive material only. Installation can be performed using a mechanical or electric subcontractor, or a subcontractor specializing in the test work. In this case, the installer must provide the necessary materials for connection and connect the control equipment. The manufacturer’s control is usually supervision of the installation of their equipment.

Service service is one of the important factors that should be taken into account with all temperature control systems, regardless of the installation method. Most reverse calls to ventilation and air conditioning systems are designed to configure or calibrate control temperature. For this reason, the proposed agreement with the manufacturer of the management must be carefully read.

Labor units: the work of units for installing the valve and the sensitive element of wells, Pipefitter are installed. The control of air ducts and installation of controllers is installed by the sheet metal of the employee. Motorized operators for these valves and valves are the field control of the contractor. These operators can be either electrical or pneumatic. If the system is pneumatic, the pipes will be installed by PipEfitter to work in the contractor management. If the system of electric or electronic, it must be connected to an electrician under the control of the contractor control.

Take off procedures: plans and technical characteristics must be revised to determine the placement and frequency of control. The specifications management will dictate, which should be under control and how. Drawings show how many control points should be and where they should be located.

After the specifications and design of the operations were read, the list should be made from control points. On average, by 40 ‘or 50’ pump-compressor pipes or wiring into the control device, you should expect. For shorter tracks, it can be better for scaling from the actual distance. Some grades may even prefer to make actual pipes or wiring, and not rely on “medium. The location of the wires or control scheme is significant if the assessment should receive grades from the electrician.

The temperature control systems can be so complex and specialized that most mechanical contractors will subcontracts each work in the company that specializes in a specific installation and maintenance of the type of system is indicated. If a subcontractor or several subcontractors to use mechanical contractor will be responsible for their installation. For this reason, time control should be included in this requirement.

On large holidays, as a rule, a lot of people gather in such structures, which affects a sharp increase in the temperature in the room (as in the hot season), many of these differences become bad, which negatively affects the popularity of the institution.

So that there was no such thing that self -respect and their image of the company in their building establish air ducts that will quickly be able to react and avoid similar situations.

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