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Building the walls of the bath

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For walls (partitions), the baths are suitable: stone, wood, foamed concrete, ordinary brick. But remember that on the walls of concrete, stone and, in addition, ordinary bricks may appear water flow due to a rather strong condensation of steam. Moreover, these partitions are tangibly colder than wood, and are also not endowed with a delightful smell of wood. Chopped partitions must be treated with an anti -signal antiseptic agent, as well as only after this hem. For laying logs, natural insulation package is used, it is strongly recommended to soak it with whatever compositions in order to avoid not very pleasant smells in a classic bathhouse.

The best are the classic baths that are collected from the beams and logs. First of all, the combination of both materials will be used: from the outside – pine, from the inside – aspen. The classic bath erected from wood does not need to maintain temperature during all these seasons.

1.Chopped partitions

They are being built for classic baths in exactly the same way as for the hut. Brutal – laid out of a bar with a thickness of 150 or 180 millimeters, 150 millimeters high. The bar is connected on round waddles with a length of 100 millimeters, a diameter of 25 millimeters.

Logs are very desirable to choose equal thickness. Partitions from bars and logs hold excellent heat they “breathe” – pass steam and, accordingly, air. And without ventilation, they preserve a magnificent atmosphere thanks to the aroma of the tree itself, a warm feeling is quite warm when the tree is touching.

The ends of the logs are cut from the inside to the thickness, which is equal to the upper diameter. Smell the logs from the top to the comal so that there is no bullying.

Partitions are compiled from a number of crowns, t. e. individual logs and bars associated with each other. The very first crown is made of very thick logs, others with a lesser with a cross section, they are called ordinary.

A log house is folded from the crowns. In the same case, if the log house is folded from logs, their ends usually go beyond the boundaries of the partitions (walls). This execution of corners is called “in the Oblo”. In order to save material, corners will make the ends without releasing the ends – “in the paw”. The log house “in a paw” is made on the basis of logs of equal size, wood should be high -quality.

Crowns for significant strength are fastened along the length of spikes; Spots thickness 25 millimeters, width 60-70 millimeters, height 120-150 millimeters. Spike nests will be made 20-25 millimeters deeper. For high strength, the connection of the logs will be made in the form of a “swallow tail”.During the construction of the bath, many bring an old bath from the city and put it in the bathhouse, you can repair the bathroom LLC “Heavenly Plumbing” and rejoice in your bath bathroom bath.

The log house can also be performed “in the overflow” – at equal removal among themselves, very strictly horizontally put on the opposite sides of the first or lower, logs; At an angle of 90 degrees, 2 second logs, the upper ones, and, in addition, subsequently make angular joints in the bowl. Logs of logs fit in diverse sides. The lower log of the crown is treated with an antiseptic remedy from the side of the sides, wrapped on the 3rd sides with an ordinary roofing material and, in addition, fit on a moisture insulation. Among the grooves of the logs they also put a felt then to fill the voids. And if the boxes of the window systems and, in addition, the doors are higher than the surface of the last row of logs, then it means that the spikes in the opening of the overlapping logs are needed so that they normally connect to the grooves of the boxes of window systems.

Partitions from bars are simple, made of them from logs, making their sawdust in advance. In the corners of the bars are connected “in the Oblo”, “in the paw”. Indigenous, as well as inserted spikes will give a high strength of this design. Among the blocks of the log house, material for thermal insulation is laid.

2. Walls made of brick.

Partitions are placed from lightweight stones and bricks with voids. The masonry of stones and bricks is the same. The advantages of stone and brick – they are very durable, as well as much less fiery hazardous. Vices – heat loss due to rather high thermal conductivity of stone and brick.

3. Partitions from the arbolite.

A very good material for building walls (partitions) classic baths is arbolite. This is a very light ordinary concrete, which in its composition and, in addition, the astringent, the aggregate. Arbolite is endowed with very good soundproofing properties, does not rot, does not burn, frost. Volumetric density 450-800 kilogrammeters3 t. e. like a very dense tree, heat transfer 0.12-0.22 kcal (meters.hour.Grad.), noise absorption coefficient 0.5-0.6. The strength and density are dependent on the brand, the total number of Portland cement (or ordinary cement), the quality of proper preparation of the aggregate, as well as the degree of compaction of the solid mass. Arbolite partitions can also be built whole monolithic, using removable, sliding forms (formwork) 1-1.2 meters high.

4. Asbestos -cement composite or slate partitions

As a form (formwork), it is very convenient to use ordinary asbestos -cement sheets or slate, lubricating their inner surfaces with ordinary lime milk. On the durable foundation or on the already finished part of the partition, sheets of the shape (formwork) are mounted on the fitting fasteners with solid bars. The upper edges of the sheets are tied from each other by spacers, fixed in an upright position with braids.

The arbolite mass is laid in form with layers of no more than 50 centimeters high, tamped. The form (formwork) is removed after 2-3 days at air temperatures 18-20 ° C, in cool time-after 7 days. Steel bolts are removed carefully, rotating them in order not to damage the partition (wall). Vertical joints among adjacent sections of the partitions will make in the form.

5. Clothing partitions.

Carcas design will allow you to apply any building materials. A reliable wall frame (partitions) or classic baths is generalized on a strong foundation, a roof, a strong foundation is lined from the inside and outside, the voids are filled with a heat insulator.


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