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In the carpentry and Plotnitsky affairs, you can not do without such an instrument as a chisel. With its help, open holes, cut the ledges, remove the material of a slight thickness.

The traditional manual carpentry instrument is a chisel, consists of a handle and a metal canvas rushed at an angle. The functions performed by the chisel have serious loads on the tool, so durable materials are used to make chisels. The handle, as a rule, is made of strong viscous varieties of wood, and a canvas made of high -quality steel.

There are three main types of chisels: corner, flat and most popular semicircular. The chisels are characterized by the following parameters: a circle diameter described by a chisel rotated around its longitudinal axis, its range is from 0.25 to 1 cm; The cut angle is left or right -hand, the standard angle is 80 degrees; The length of the canvas: standard from 150 to 175 mm, shortened from 65 to 85 mm.


Rent of special equipment. Transportation of crushed stone, sand, inert materials in St. Petersburg.

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