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Cement in bulk

by ladynews

In modern construction, both in civil and industrial, you can not do without cement. Construction structures of various difficulties require the use of cement solutions, as well as cement is used in the manufacture of piece and shaped reinforced concrete products of various dimensions and sizes. Construction companies acquire cement, packaged in bags, as well as in bulk. In the case when cement is purchased in bulk, its delivery to the buyer is carried out by special vehicles – cement farms, and unloading at the construction site is carried out by compressor installations for dispersed materials.

When placing an order, it is important to take into account the cost of its delivery, which directly depends on what transport it will be carried out. The size of the order can be any – from one ton. Moreover, the more the order, the cheaper its delivery costs. The types of cement farms used have a carrying capacity of 15 to 40 tons. The size of the order implies the selection of the right type of cement truck. The full load allows you to provide the lowest delivery cost, and the underloading leads to a higher delivery cost, which is ultimately included in the cost of acquiring cement.

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