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Country pond and its cleaning

by ladynews

The same beautiful and cozy, as immediately after the arrangement, the cottage and the site remain for a very long time if careful care. This is especially true for landscape structures: it is not enough to establish video surveillance that will protect your site from vandals: fountains, alpine slides and artificial reservoirs must be carefully monitored, and the ponds also regularly clean. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting a dull and musty swamp instead of a beautiful place to relax and walks – a mosquito nursery. Standard methods of pond cleaning three. Sometimes as the fourth method is called disinfection, but this is a separate procedure, and it is carried out using ultraviolet lamps. Mechanical cleaning of the pond is carried out two to three times a year and consists of such simple steps: catch garbage from the pond-leaves, branches, fluff and so on, which attacked there. If there is a lot of dumplings or threads in the pond, it is easier to remove them by verse rakes. If the pond is large or you just have no desire to wave the net, take a closer look at the schimmer: such devices that remove floating garbage are inexpensive. They are either attached to the walls or bottom, or float freely in water. You just have to periodically clean the skimmer basket.


It will not be possible to clean the bottom with a set nor a skimmer, and it is necessary to do this as well as install a fire alarm in the house. In addition, the dirt settled at the bottom over time decomposes, poisoning water and air around ammonia evaporation and hydrogen sulfide. Pond muddy cleaner – a device that looks like a vacuum cleaner with the principle of action. With it, dirt and silt are removed from the bottom and walls, and filtered water can merge at your choice either back in a pond or in a drainage ditch. If the bottom of the pond is not a film or polyvinyl chloride, but it is laid out with a small pebble, the pond dirt cleaner is not suitable – it will suck the pebbles inside and quickly breaks down.


Chemical cleaning of the pond requires lower labor costs, but much more caution. The most famous way is lime. The well -known “milk” is prepared for him – a single -percent lime solution and pour it into a pond for ten days. It is better to do this on warm days – the warmer the water, the more active the solution fights with bacteria and unnecessary algae. Also, weak solutions of “potassium” and “green” are used to clean and disinfect the pond: about one tenth gram of the product per cubic meter of water.

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