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Crushed stone: application, types, calculation

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Crushed stone is a building material that is used for drainage, paving and in landscape design. It consists of pieces of rocks and stones of a certain size, which are obtained by crushing on special equipment. Numerous companies offer this product in different dimensions, which determines the price and purpose of the material. As a rule, crushed stone is ordered in large batches from special suppliers, although small supplies are also possible for certain garden needs.

What is crushed stone from and what is its use?

Raw materials for crushed stone come from various sources. The material is produced from different rocks, which determine the type of crushed stone. Using crushing equipment, companies crumble stones and boulders for pieces. Ingoda edges remain quite sharp, and in other cases they are dulled. Companies, as a rule, produce several varieties of crushed stone, separated by size and degree of breaming (degree of plane of pieces). For projects where colors and composition are important, mixtures of different crushed stone options can be created.

Granite crushed stone can be called the most common, since granite itself is the most common mountain breed on our planet.  Granite rocks are a cluster of magma, which froze and includes quartz, mica, field spat. Depending on the content of these components, gravel gravel can be red, pink, gray. Most often, gravel gravel is used for decorative purposes and preparation of different forms of concrete.

Gravel crushed stone is less durable than granite crushed stone, but its price is below below. It is often used in construction work, for the preparation of concrete and reinforced concrete, as well as for paving roads. It is worth noting the difference between gravel and gravel crushed stone. Gravel is small stones of oval shape, which are most often extracted in the aquatic environment, and gravel of gravel is a chopped career breed or a fragmented stone rock.

Limestone crushed stone is obtained from crushing limestone. This is the third most popular type of crushed stone, which is used for the construction of roads and paving access roads. It is also often used in the manufacture of reinforced concrete and for drainage. If you need limestone crushed stone with delivery in Moscow, then the company of non -metal technologies can put you this product, as well as many other inert materials.

There is also secondary crushed stone, which is obtained by crushing construction waste (brick, concrete, asphalt). This material more often goes to the manufacture of concrete, laying roads and trenches.  Slag crushed stone is obtained from metallurgical slags and used as a concrete filler and as a material for laying roads.

In general, any crushed stone can be used for different types of work. The most popular use of all types of crushed stone is road construction, drainage of trenches, as well as the manufacture of concrete. People can also use a small amount of crushed stone in home landscape work. It can be used as drainage for the beds or the material of laying the coating in the backyard. On construction sites, crushed stone is used as a trap for dirt and dust, as well as a water spreading limiter without flooding.

Crushed stone is a popular aggregate of concrete, asphalt and other similar materials. For this, as a rule, small crushed stone is used. The material can be used as drainage for pedestrian paths under brick and other paving materials. This, by the way, also prevents the sedimentation of the paths.

How to calculate the amount of necessary crushed stone?

Use the formula

L*w*h (in feet) 27 = the number of necessary cubic yards of crushed stone

Then you can transfer the cubic yard into a cubic meter (1 cubic meter. yard = 0.764554858 cubic meter. meter)

In this formula, L, W and H indicate the length, width and height in feet (1 foot = 0.3048 meters, 1 meter = 3.2808399 feet).

Multiply these parameters by each other, then divide by 27 and get the required number of cubic yards of crushed stone.

Suppose your yard has 6 meters (20 feet) in length and 3 meters (10 feet) in width and you want to lay out the surface of 6 inches of crushed stone (about 0.05 feet). You make up the formula: (20’x10’x0 0.5 ‘) 27 = 3.7 cubic yards (approximately 2.8 cubic meters)

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