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Designer project “Roman of times”

by ladynews

The architect created this project of a three -room apartment, presenting a friendly family of three people and a couple of pets: a parrot and dogs. Parents and their daughter-sisted woman lead an active theatrical and public life, travel a lot around Europe, are fond of cinema, but they like to sit at home: to play in the family circle in the “monopoly” or “mafia”.

The taste preferences of the inhabitants of the apartment, as it happens, is a little diverging: the hostess prefers the classic direction of design, her daughter likes eclecticism and modern mixes, and the head of the family – a supporter of minimalism.

Daria set herself a difficult task – to create an interior that would answer the wishes of all family members. The alloy of modern classics and eclecticisms with an admixture of interesting details from different eras and style directions, united by texture and coloristic solution. In the interior design there are irony, light grotesque and theatricality. Game of classicism and luxury – in carved chairs a la Empire, covered with yellow fabric, funly curved dining table, wallpaper under the skin. And with all this variegated, the skin of a cow lies on the floor, which is characteristic more likely for the country style. Such a multifaceted ironic interior will perceive any new details and things that will inevitably appear over time. The walls and floor, according to the author’s idea, are not a background: they are spectacular, “active” and expressive on their own. And furniture (sofas, kitchen), on the contrary, is quite simple in shape, devoid of details and painted in neutral white color. The layout of the apartment will change.

Between the kitchen, living room and the hallway, it is proposed to dismantle unnecessary partitions and create a single public zone. Increase the space due to the attachment of the insulated loggia, which will require the dismantling of the window sill. In addition, in the loggias, equip according to stylish, with laying pipes for supply and drainage of water and a storage of forced sewage, in a large hallway a full -fledged dressing room with an area of ​​2.2 m2 will be fenced off. It proposes to install all components and storage system ELFA. The bathroom will become more spacious due to the merger with the toilet and the pantry, instead of which it will now be possible to use a dressing room. The ceiling height in the kitchen area will decrease by 150-160 mm to install an additional exhaust system and laying the communion for the air conditioner, as well as for the installation of lamps. In the hallway and wardrobe ceilings are also reduced by 150 mm to embed lamps. The unity of public space is emphasized by the predominance of black and white with the addition of different shades of brown. In the hallway, kitchen, corridor, the floor is lined with light sandy granite, and in the recreation area of ​​the living room to the tone of the porcelain tone, almost white vintage laminate from the Largo Quick-Step collection with the aging effect was laid. The boundary of the junction of different zones is finished with a decorative mosaic molding with an ornamental black and white pattern Panda Interior. The graphic pattern on the floor echoes the same color combination with textile graphics: upholstery of chairs in grotesque style, mobile puff, pillow covers. The designer dining table in white varnish decoration is located just in the middle of the living room and kitchen, visually connecting these zones.

The biofireplain will be a surprise built into the storage system installed in a niche opposite the window. This is undoubtedly a luxury, but quite affordable in an ordinary apartment, since such fireplaces give the present – flame and do not require a chimney, the parents’ bedroom is very close to the decoration to the Styina – on the floor the same vintage laminate laminate, the walls are covered with “cooles ≫ Grandeco, Skin collection, white cabinet furniture and the same chair from the dining group with comics on the upholstery (when guests arrive, all chairs will be in the same style). In the nursery for a girl, a calm and multicomponent green color will be added to the whole apartment for the whole apartment. In a small room (8.5 mg) will be compactly placed, forming a common composition, a sleeping place (with sliding linen boxes), a rack and a boudoic chest of drawers. The desktop is deliberately selected in the design that is different from cabinet furniture. In a spacious bathroom, not only a bath and a shower with illumination of water streams were located, but also a very optional thing, but adding comfort for water procedures, namely a built-in TV panel.

The strengths of the project:

– organization of several storage places and dressing rooms

– Association of kitchen and living room with the formation of the dining room

– groups

– Spacious hallway

– Increase in the area of ​​the bathroom

– post -decent arrangement in the loggia

The weaknesses of the project:

– the need to dismantle the window sill

– The living room complicates coordination and requires strengthening structures

– The combination of the kitchen and living room will require a powerful exhaust system

– Replacing a gas stove with an electric complicates

– The approval of the project is economically unprofitable

– Small working kitchen area

– A combined bathroom is inconvenient for a family of three people

– A large mirror in the bedroom is located opposite the window

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